Sunday, September 26, 2010

More Zoo Pictures

Case loves the following things at the zoo as much as seeing the animals:

1. Waterfalls.
2. Rocks.
3. Water.
4. Statues of the animals.
5. Storm gutters.

Aw, to be 2!

Casen's Goat

Casen informed me at the zoo yesterday that he would have this goat: the white and reddish one named Chandler. After petting some other goats and looking around, I guess he liked Chandler the best - he even fed him by hand.

Outside Time

Case said he was driving to see JorJor on the Big Boat. Uncle Jordan had been gone to Basic for about a week when this picture was taken. Case had been missing him.

I love this almost-fall-weather!

Nice Weather

It's beginning to cool off here, and the evenings are nice to go for walks or to the park. Here are some pictures of us going with Mom and Dad to the park for a picnic. Josh showed Case how to roll down the hill. I stayed on the sidelines for that one. When I was little, my brother and I would roll down the hill in our backyard. The last time I did it, I had a broken arm with a cast (why was I rolling down the hill you ask? No idea). I continued rolling until I fell off the retaining wall and fell about 3 feet. Thankfully, I didn't get hurt, but I learned my lesson!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

State Fair Top 10

As the last day of the State Fair approaches, the Top 10 Things I saw at the Fair this year:

1. Fried Coke - when the lady was describing it to us, I gained 10 lbs.

2. Live cooking shows - and people sitting there watching them.

3. Chocolate-covered bacon - was too cheap and not brave enough to try it.

4. The largest rabbit I've ever seen - its name was Goliath. Bing "giant rabbits" to see some rabbits that were similar size. FREAKY - I don't think rabbits should get that big.

5. Leashed kids - which is one place that this is probably a good idea.

6. Several people wandering around the "parking lot" trying to remember where they parked. I say "parking lot" because it was so crowded everyone (including us) parked on the fields by the overpass.

7. Josh winning me (okay, Case got it) a giant Curious George - Josh never fails at those basketball games!

8. Knives and swords at the vendors and wondering how safe that is at the State Fair.

9. Awesome nail stamping - so much so we bought a set for Tana for her birthday.

10. a Twilight Tiffany Lamp - enough said.

Fair Gift

Josh and I went to the State Fair and ended up buying this awesome nail stamping kit for Tana. So much fun!

Tana's Birthday

We got to celebrate with Tana for her birthday last weekend. It was great to have all the kids together again!