Sunday, September 05, 2010

Pirate Adventure!

I got this idea from this great blog, and Case loved it! Liam lasted through half the treasure hunt, pretty good for a 8-month-old. Case went to the different spots on the treasure map to collect the "treasures." Each treasure was something to paste into his Pirate book (and Liam's book too). Each treasure was something related to God's word.

Gold coins for God's Word being worth more than gold.

Seeds that are God's Word and produces a crop!

Lightbulbs for God's Word being a light for our path.

Bees for God's Word being sweeter than honey.

We read this book too.

What a neat idea to teach the boys about God's Word.


April said...

SO FUN! Love your new haircut, btw...

Sharlene said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet! God sure did bless those boys when he gave them to you to Mother, to teach, to train, and to mold. It does my heart good to see parents raising their babies up in the Lord. I love you and thank God for Mommies and Daddies like you and Josh, Aunt Sissie