Saturday, September 25, 2010

State Fair Top 10

As the last day of the State Fair approaches, the Top 10 Things I saw at the Fair this year:

1. Fried Coke - when the lady was describing it to us, I gained 10 lbs.

2. Live cooking shows - and people sitting there watching them.

3. Chocolate-covered bacon - was too cheap and not brave enough to try it.

4. The largest rabbit I've ever seen - its name was Goliath. Bing "giant rabbits" to see some rabbits that were similar size. FREAKY - I don't think rabbits should get that big.

5. Leashed kids - which is one place that this is probably a good idea.

6. Several people wandering around the "parking lot" trying to remember where they parked. I say "parking lot" because it was so crowded everyone (including us) parked on the fields by the overpass.

7. Josh winning me (okay, Case got it) a giant Curious George - Josh never fails at those basketball games!

8. Knives and swords at the vendors and wondering how safe that is at the State Fair.

9. Awesome nail stamping - so much so we bought a set for Tana for her birthday.

10. a Twilight Tiffany Lamp - enough said.

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