Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Ode To Coffee

I recently got to move to a new office - hooray! I'm out of my old cubicle! I even have a skylight.

Well, all the science faculty got moved to this new wing which I'm enjoying - it's nice to be by your colleagues instead of having to go hunt their office down when you need something. One of the downsides was that we had to leave the huge coffee maker to the engineers. Apparently only 3 of us in Science drink coffee! What?!? My first thought was, "How did these people get through grad school without becoming a coffee drinker?" I started drinking decaf with hot cocoa in high school...then enjoyed an occasional cup in my undergraduate years...then became a full-fledged coffee drinker in grad school. I thought that it was just what you did at 3:30 every afternoon - go visit the local Java Dave's.
I'm not necessarily adicted to caffeiene (okay wait, not entirely true but I'll blog about my "off caffeine stories" some other time), I just really love coffee. Oh the taste! Here's another ode to coffee.
Anyway, my coffee love just got worse when I started working my job. There's coffee everywhere! It's free and good.
Anyway, we have a little coffee maker which might get me one cup (if I reach it before the other professor), but otherwise, I walk back over to the engineers and bum some coffee off of them.

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