Monday, November 25, 2013

Why I Love Winter

I grew up in Laredo, Texas. It was warm, hot, and really hot year-round with the occasional 65 degrees. Okay, maybe it got a bit cooler sometimes, but for the most part, it was hot and humid.
When I went to Oklahoma for school, I fully appreciated the winter weather. Even though we got ice storms, I loved the weather. It was especially a treat my first winter in Oklahoma when we got a whole bunch of snow and classes were cancelled for three days. Yep, three days!

I think the biggest reason I love winter was because I fell in love with Josh in the winter. I mailed (yes, prior to digital cameras) this picture to my parents my freshman year:

My parents weren't too surprised when we asked to get married over Spring Break. 
Even though we didn't have classes for three days, we got up early and went sledding in the snow. Josh met my friends and I instead of sleeping in like most students. Pretty sure he liked me a lot if he was willing to hang out with a bunch of girls early in the morning.

We got married the next December - in-between two big ice storms. Despite the bad weather, I'm reminded of why I love this time of year: Love and a Wedding.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Whispering Death

So this is what L Child decided to buy his friend for his birthday: Whispering Death.
Scary-looking isn't it? Apparently, it's from How To Train a Dragon, but we've never seen it. Pretty sure L Child just liked it because
1) it's scary-looking, like I'm-gonna-give-you-nightmares-scary.
2) it was a dragon
3) L Child is a boy.

I gave L Child options within the budget. This is what he picked. And it was on sale.

I went ahead and got a gift receipt and wrote a little note to his friend's mom explaining that if this toy was too scary, please exchange it.

Then this was the conversation relayed to me at the party by one mom and her daughter:
Mom: What should we buy your friend?
Thoughtful little girl: Hmm...well he likes Optimus Prime. Let's get him something with Optimus Prime.
Mom: Okay sounds good.

And what was the theme of the birthday party? Optimus Prime. Thoughtful little girl was right.

You would think L Child would have known that since he plays with the kid so much. And maybe he did know that.
But Whispering Death wins over Optimus Prime.

Friday, November 15, 2013

What's Important

The semester is wearing on me. I'm a tired mama who is ready for some break time with the kids and husband. Today was a crazy day with me doing the working thing then running to Walmart to buy a turkey for a donation at school, see C as a pilgrim at his school, and going back to work but taking a break to color with L on my office floor. And as crazy as my days are sometimes, and as tired as I am some nights, having kids is a blessing. One of my friends recently made the comment about how she things that the arrival of her baby will bring a reminder of what's important in life and not to stress so much about work. It reminded me of how I felt after C was born. Even though I had to finish writing a dissertation, defend it, and interview for jobs after C was born, my stress level was pretty low. All of a sudden, I realized that life happens. Sometimes it's hard. Sometimes it's not fun. But I want to enjoy my blessings. So even though I'm sometimes tired at night after talking about electrochemistry and hurricanes, I hug my babies. I'm reminded about what's important.


Yoga Baby

Button is growing like a weed. She is still easy and happy most of the time. When Button has a rough day, it's noticeable. It's not like her to be out-of-sorts. This week she had a fussy day. I think several things were bothering her: allergies (drainage and stuffiness), gums, gas...typical baby stuff. Thankfully, after a good night's sleep, she was back to her happy self. Those rare fussy days make me realize how truly happy and easy she is. I can count on one hand how many fussy days she's had since she was born. For this tired mama, I'm thankful I don't have to stay up nights with her.

Despite her easygoing disposition, she does let it be known when she doesn't like something or wants something. She just doesn't voice her opinion all the time - only on things that matter. Like for say, if her brother has her in a head lock. Button's gonna balk. Ready to get out of her bumbo? She will let you know! You keep that attitude, girl!

As you can see, I'm still quite enjoying dressing her up in cute baby girl clothes. I love her eclectic style.

Her hair is lightening up. Her eyes are still blue. I'm thinking they probably will stay so since the boys' eyes stayed blue, too.

Finally, Button is strong and a mover. She can roll from tummy to back. She can scoot on her back around on the floor. Baby likes to sit up with support. She tries to lift herself out of the bumbo seat now.  Button watches her brothers run around counting down the weeks until her little legs figure out how to take her to them.

Casen's Christmas/Birthday List

That's right. Number one on his list is nunchuks.
Last? Turtle shell.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Lesson Learned

I decided to do something a little crazy and do major grocery shopping with three kids in tow. The kids were awesome. The boys are always pretty good. That grocery-store-induced-state-of-wild-karate-yelling that the boys typically experience wasn't at its peak this evening thank goodness.  Haddie was awake the whole time, but she didn't get fussy until we left the store.
My problem? How do you get a baby seat to fit inside the new Target carts along with all your groceries? They won't click on the front portion anymore. At least mine won't.
Poor Haddie was surrounded with towers of food around her. Every once in awhile, she would squawk when the towers fell into her space or a frozen part of the tower touched her.

My favorite was when I couldn't get all the bags in the cart after I checked out. I had them under the cart, in the cart around Haddie, even on the chairs the boys were sitting in. That's right, I had the big-mama-cart with the huge cart basket and two chairs so the boys could ride, too. I ended up pushing the big ol' cart, carrying 2 bags, reminding the boys to hold onto the cart while we walked to the car, and oohhing and awwing at Baby so she would stay calm.

As soon as I left the store, the box of diapers slipped off the bottom of the cart. I scooped it up and carried that somehow while yelling, "Nichols! Hold onto the cart!" Then seven Smart Ones decide to fall out of a sack one by one leaving a trail back to the store. C helped me pick those up.

Baby decided she had had enough when we finally got to the car. I texted a friend before leaving the parking lot, "Only one kid is crying. I count that as a win." And bonus: Baby fell asleep right away in the car because she was tired and ready for her evening nap.

After I got Baby down, I discovered spit up down inside my shirt. Who knows how long that had been there!

So I won't be doing major shopping with baby until she can sit in the cart by herself. Lesson learned!

Friday, November 01, 2013

A Glimpse of Liam

Is it wrong my kid thinks going to Target is fun?