Monday, November 25, 2013

Why I Love Winter

I grew up in Laredo, Texas. It was warm, hot, and really hot year-round with the occasional 65 degrees. Okay, maybe it got a bit cooler sometimes, but for the most part, it was hot and humid.
When I went to Oklahoma for school, I fully appreciated the winter weather. Even though we got ice storms, I loved the weather. It was especially a treat my first winter in Oklahoma when we got a whole bunch of snow and classes were cancelled for three days. Yep, three days!

I think the biggest reason I love winter was because I fell in love with Josh in the winter. I mailed (yes, prior to digital cameras) this picture to my parents my freshman year:

My parents weren't too surprised when we asked to get married over Spring Break. 
Even though we didn't have classes for three days, we got up early and went sledding in the snow. Josh met my friends and I instead of sleeping in like most students. Pretty sure he liked me a lot if he was willing to hang out with a bunch of girls early in the morning.

We got married the next December - in-between two big ice storms. Despite the bad weather, I'm reminded of why I love this time of year: Love and a Wedding.


Alyson said...

Aww how sweet! Some think that Spring is the romance season, but I agree that winter is far more romantic!

RitaKay said...

I love a good love story! Pretty sweet. :)