Friday, November 15, 2013

What's Important

The semester is wearing on me. I'm a tired mama who is ready for some break time with the kids and husband. Today was a crazy day with me doing the working thing then running to Walmart to buy a turkey for a donation at school, see C as a pilgrim at his school, and going back to work but taking a break to color with L on my office floor. And as crazy as my days are sometimes, and as tired as I am some nights, having kids is a blessing. One of my friends recently made the comment about how she things that the arrival of her baby will bring a reminder of what's important in life and not to stress so much about work. It reminded me of how I felt after C was born. Even though I had to finish writing a dissertation, defend it, and interview for jobs after C was born, my stress level was pretty low. All of a sudden, I realized that life happens. Sometimes it's hard. Sometimes it's not fun. But I want to enjoy my blessings. So even though I'm sometimes tired at night after talking about electrochemistry and hurricanes, I hug my babies. I'm reminded about what's important.

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