Saturday, November 09, 2013

Lesson Learned

I decided to do something a little crazy and do major grocery shopping with three kids in tow. The kids were awesome. The boys are always pretty good. That grocery-store-induced-state-of-wild-karate-yelling that the boys typically experience wasn't at its peak this evening thank goodness.  Haddie was awake the whole time, but she didn't get fussy until we left the store.
My problem? How do you get a baby seat to fit inside the new Target carts along with all your groceries? They won't click on the front portion anymore. At least mine won't.
Poor Haddie was surrounded with towers of food around her. Every once in awhile, she would squawk when the towers fell into her space or a frozen part of the tower touched her.

My favorite was when I couldn't get all the bags in the cart after I checked out. I had them under the cart, in the cart around Haddie, even on the chairs the boys were sitting in. That's right, I had the big-mama-cart with the huge cart basket and two chairs so the boys could ride, too. I ended up pushing the big ol' cart, carrying 2 bags, reminding the boys to hold onto the cart while we walked to the car, and oohhing and awwing at Baby so she would stay calm.

As soon as I left the store, the box of diapers slipped off the bottom of the cart. I scooped it up and carried that somehow while yelling, "Nichols! Hold onto the cart!" Then seven Smart Ones decide to fall out of a sack one by one leaving a trail back to the store. C helped me pick those up.

Baby decided she had had enough when we finally got to the car. I texted a friend before leaving the parking lot, "Only one kid is crying. I count that as a win." And bonus: Baby fell asleep right away in the car because she was tired and ready for her evening nap.

After I got Baby down, I discovered spit up down inside my shirt. Who knows how long that had been there!

So I won't be doing major shopping with baby until she can sit in the cart by herself. Lesson learned!

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