Monday, November 18, 2013

Whispering Death

So this is what L Child decided to buy his friend for his birthday: Whispering Death.
Scary-looking isn't it? Apparently, it's from How To Train a Dragon, but we've never seen it. Pretty sure L Child just liked it because
1) it's scary-looking, like I'm-gonna-give-you-nightmares-scary.
2) it was a dragon
3) L Child is a boy.

I gave L Child options within the budget. This is what he picked. And it was on sale.

I went ahead and got a gift receipt and wrote a little note to his friend's mom explaining that if this toy was too scary, please exchange it.

Then this was the conversation relayed to me at the party by one mom and her daughter:
Mom: What should we buy your friend?
Thoughtful little girl: Hmm...well he likes Optimus Prime. Let's get him something with Optimus Prime.
Mom: Okay sounds good.

And what was the theme of the birthday party? Optimus Prime. Thoughtful little girl was right.

You would think L Child would have known that since he plays with the kid so much. And maybe he did know that.
But Whispering Death wins over Optimus Prime.

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