Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hair Changes

During my first trimester, I felt like my hair got really straight. It no longer had a wave to it, and it was really flat. Then a couple of weeks ago, my hair got its wave back. There are some days I can put gel in it and let it air dry wavy-kinda-curly. I remember my mom telling me that her super curly hair got stick straight when she was pregnant (and I've seen pictures as evidence). I went online looking for the scientific reason. I came across all kinds of women complaining of the hair changes; some even wrote that their hair didn't recover back to it original texture. I also came across this website that made this claim,

"L'Oreal in Paris believe that they have discovered what causes curls. All the answers lie in the bulb beneath your scalp. If the bulb is hook shaped, then your hair will be curly. If it is straight then your hair will be straight. L'Oreal scientists believe that the shape of these bulbs can be changed by hormones. Dermatologists also believe it could work."

It goes on to say that L'Oreal is developing some pill that can control your hair texture and color (from gray back to its original color). I'm not sure if that's true. I went to L'Oreal's website and didn't find any evidence of their specific research. I was surprised though to see that they have research sites all over the world that work on these things: understanding what controls texture and color and developing products to change those things. Apparently, there are scientists who see a need to develop a pill that we can take that can give us curly hair. Hmm, it reminds me of when Jerry Seinfeld is talking about the scientists who decide to go into fruit research and developed seedless watermelon. "Sure thousands are dying needlessly..but this [spitting a seed]...this has to stop!" I love that there are so many different aspects of research going on all around the world. Even though a lot of it you wonder if it's really that important.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mom's bday...Cake AND a Motorcyle Ride

After lunch, they made a cake for Mom's birthday. It even had trick candles on it! Then Uncle Norman took Mom for a ride on his motorcycle. Then we said our good byes and of course Newman got on Josh's lap when we were driving home.

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning, we had to of course take pictures of all of us dressed up. It was Mom's birthday, hence I think that's why she was wearing the crown. It was Meg's, but I remember most people putting it on at one time or another. In the midst of picture-taking, Josh did that trick with the kids where you lift them by their heads (don't worry - you're not really, it just looks like it. Josh isn't going to be a crazy Dad haha).

Tea Party and Games

The night after we cooked out in Kansas, the girls had a tea party. While Josh and Clint played a game outside, we girls laughed, teased Mamaw, and took pictures. Oh, and we drank and ate too! : )
Then the adults plus Josh played some game in the living room while the cousins played pitch. I learned how to play and Jason (my partner) and me whipped Becky and Annie's behinds! : )

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kansas Cook Out

We had a cookout at Aunt Brenda and Uncle Norman's while we were in Kansas. It was a lot of fun playing with the kids (check out Mom and Mamaw on the floor playing jacks and Dad riding Clint's bike). After yummy brats and smores, we were full!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Dog Tales

I hadn't finished posting about our trip to Kansas , but I wanted to share some funny stories from today about our dogs.

Our guest room is our dogs' favorite room in the house. If I leave the door open, they'll go in there and take a nap together on the bed. Or wrestle on the bed together. Since that room will soon be the baby's room, we usually don't let the dogs in there anymore. Well, this morning I left the door open, and then I heard Padme growling. She's standing in the doorway growling into the room. She starts barking at something in there. My first thought that there's a mouse possibly...and then my imagination kicks in and I wonder if someone is in our house. So I go down the hall to investigate wanting Newman to come with me. Newman is just sitting at the end of the hallway wagging his tail. He's either too scared to go or hoping someone is here to play with him. So I have to go into the room by myself because both Newman and Padme are frozen in fear. That's when I realize that Padme is looking at this lion chair we bought for the baby. The back of the chair is a lion's back and head. The chair was on the floor on the other side of the bed. The top of the lion's mane was peaking up over the bed. I sigh in relief and walk over to it hoping this would calm her down. It didn't. I then show her that's it's nothing bad. She creeps in there still growling and finally comes over and sniffs the toy. The rest of the morning she would keep stalking into the baby's room and look suspiciously at the lion, growling silently. Apparently, she doesn't like it. I am reminded again how much of a watch dog she is and how much of a scaredy cat Newman is.

Then this afternoon, some dog next door is barking so loud it gets the dogs barking inside the house. I finally let them outside and they continue barking loud outside and will not be quiet. I finally go out there to see what has gotten them riled up. Newman's dog friend Duke who had moved away was back visiting next door. Newman and Duke were running up and down the fence barking with Padme barking at them - just like old times. Except it lasted for close to an hour. I thought it was funny that it was like Duke called for Newman to come out and play and then they "talked" back and forth for a long time. Who says dogs don't communicate or remember???

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Breakfast and then Working at the Sweat Shop

Okay, so I didn't really have to work at a sweat shop. I just jokingly said that when all of us ladies helped to make wedding boxes for my cousin's wedding coming up. That's something that I love about my family. Everyone always pitches in and helps with wedding preparations. Making mints, doing the flowers, making wedding favors, etc. It's great! Anyway, I was glad I got to help this time with some stuff. Earlier in the morning, we all met at Shelly Ann's - the best breakfast cafe. Their pancakes are huge. I of course had one! And yes, Mom and Brenda actually took the picture with an upside down camera.