Saturday, April 22, 2006

Visit from the Germans

Well Josh and I met April and Clint last night in Edmond. We ate barbeque, talked, and laughed. It was a good time.

April and me Posted by Picasa

April and Clint Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 21, 2006

Dead Week and Finals

Well it's that time again on campus...dead week is this next week and then finals! The semester has flown by for me. With my classes over in two weeks, here's my top list of things I will be doing after my last final on Thursday morning...
1. Reclaim my "email-response queen" title...I have a lot of emails I need to respond to in my inbox and lot of emails I just need to delete.
2. Go to the pool and RELAX.
3. Write my proposal. Yes. I know I really need to.
4. Read a good novel for pleasure.
5. Actually go to the lab and do some research.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Frank Costanza, My Chemistry Professor

I have this chemistry professor who talks like Frank know, George's dad on Seinfeld. I know when this professor is saying something important when he begins to talk in a short-halting manner, just like Frank Costanza. I wouldn't be surprised if I hear the words "Happy Festivus" come out of this prof's mouth next December.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Playing Hooky and Library Nerds

So this week a friend of mine is covering my labs since I covered his a few weeks ago. It's great - I don't have to teach and I can use the time to do homework..oh, and write a blog entry. I ran into one of my students during lab...apparently I wasn't the only one playing hooky. We ignored each other.

So i've been in the library a long time today studying. Apparently, every field has its nerds, not just chemistry. I overheard the following conversation between two librarians (journal names made up but you'll get the gist):

Librarian Nerd 1: So this student was looking for a certain journal article earlier today and had some trouble...

Librarian Nerd 2: Oh really? Did you locate the journal?

Librarian Nerd 1: OH, Yes. The problem is that there are two journals with similar names. She was looking for "An Engineering Perspective" but we were looking under "The Engineering Perspective." Haha, but we figured it out!

Librarian Nerds 1 & 2: HAHAHAHA

I love that there are people that love libraries and searching for random articles and books. What would all of us grad student do without them?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Facebook Craze

So now that I'm well-rested I find I'm using my free time on Facebook. What's with this craze??!! It's so addicting. For those of you who were like me only a few weeks ago, let me educate you on this awesome-but-definitely-will-suck-all-your-free-time website. Facebook is this website where you set up an account about can post messages and photos and personal information..and the best part: you "collect" friends. You search for people on facebook...old friends from high school...people you've lost contact with....and then if they are on facebook, you send them an invitation to be your "friend". If they accept, then they are listed as your friend and you can see their messages and photos. I love it - I found an old friend from junior high and a cousin I rarely see. I'm up to 40 friends, which isn't a lot compared to one of my friends who has almost 800 friends (how can somebody KNOW that many people - that's A LOT of people??!!). So if you're reading this blog and haven't signed up on facebook...sign up today! AND then send me an invite to be your friend. I gotta add to my List.