Monday, October 28, 2013

d Orbitals

Button got to hang out with me one afternoon in my office. I love being able to have the kids up there with me from time to time.

Casen took off crawling for the first time in my office.

Liam helps me in the lab with set-up once a week.

And Button has been introduced to d orbitals. Specifically, the dz2 orbital.
Don't let her look fool you. She was as impressed with d orbitals as I am. 
(which means VERY - I'm an inorganic chemist)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Someone Loves Their Daddy

I found these beauties on my camera when I was downloading pictures.

Someone loves their Daddy!

I Have Three Kids?!?

At times I still can't believe that I'm a mom. I remember right after I had Casen, it felt very surreal to have a child all of a sudden (nine months felt like all of a sudden). When my mom came to visit and stay awhile, I remember going to the store for the first time after giving birth. I was walking along with Mom, holding C. I thought, "I feel like I'm a big sister to this baby. I can't be old enough to have a baby of my own." I was 28. 
It took several months for that surreal feeling to wear off. From time to time though, that thought returns to my mind. Even after having three kids, I sometimes still feel like a big sister supervising the kids while the real adults are out. Some days I really do feel like I'm wingin' it. When I saw this picture that Liam took, I thought, I really am a mama!

Things I've Said Recently

"You are not allowed to hook you sister." (the boys got pirate hooks to wear)

"Please do not be a bridge over your sister. Somebody's gonna get hurt."

"You are not allowed to practice thumping on your sister's head."

"No, you cannot sit with her in her chair...Do not be moving Button around in her chair....Ok no touching her or the chair for awhile."

"You picked a paper towel roll as your toy to bring?"

and my personal favorite...
"Okay, you guys can launch yourselves. Just aim low so you don't go through the window."

Thursday, October 10, 2013

How To Score Points With Your Sons

Take them to Star Wars Day at the Library.

R2D2 showed up. Pretty sure he was their favorite. They kept asking if someone was inside and if this was the real robot from the movie.

They got to color Star Wars pages and make mini yodas (or rather, Mama can make them while holding a baby and the boys play a Star Wars game).

Storm Trooper was a little scary.

Darth Vader was scary. But they couldn't miss the chance to take a picture with him. And they were totally geeked out once they got close to him.

Thanks to all the Star Wars nerds who showed up to make this day special (there were several Jedis present). We even won the raffle and now the boys have Star Wars posters up in their toy room. Two happy boys.

3 Month Baby

Hadassah is pretty happy most of the time. She's still pretty easy and is even sleeping through the night.

A cause to celebrate.

Haddie loves when people talk to her, especially her brothers and
when Josh sings to her.

She is playing more and more. My favorite is when she hides her face in me and peeks out at her Daddy or brother...over and over.

She is chewing on her hands a lot now and pretty much has given up her paci. Hands are better she thinks!

She's our pretty baby!

This Is How We Roll

Last year one of the college kids asked whose birthday it was after they saw the Happy Birthday banner up at our house. It was from about 3 months ago. I just replied, "That's how we roll."

While Josh and I were in the hospital right after I had Haddie, Mom and Dad took the boys to the house and decorated it.


It was so sweet with most of the decorations at about the heights of a couple of some proud big brothers.

Most of the decorations are still up. Yeah, Haddie just turned 3 months.

And the other night, after a wild evening of busyness and loud kids, I noticed that there was a soda spilled on the floor. I cleaned it up not knowing it was on the table too. The next day, I was cleaning off the table and found this:

Apparently, the soda had been spilled on a pink note sent home from school. The dye then bled into my table.
I was reminded why we don't buy new furniture (except the kids' beds). We've had this table since we first got married.

And that's how we roll. Decorations left up for a long time reminding us of past, notable celebrations. Stained table tops reminding us that life is a bit too chaotic sometimes.

I'm thankful for the friends we have who share similar occurrences.

I'm also glad I have a long weekend. I gotta try to get that pink stain out.
Oh, and my coffee maker looks like it threw up, too. Cleaning weekend, anyone?