Sunday, October 27, 2013

I Have Three Kids?!?

At times I still can't believe that I'm a mom. I remember right after I had Casen, it felt very surreal to have a child all of a sudden (nine months felt like all of a sudden). When my mom came to visit and stay awhile, I remember going to the store for the first time after giving birth. I was walking along with Mom, holding C. I thought, "I feel like I'm a big sister to this baby. I can't be old enough to have a baby of my own." I was 28. 
It took several months for that surreal feeling to wear off. From time to time though, that thought returns to my mind. Even after having three kids, I sometimes still feel like a big sister supervising the kids while the real adults are out. Some days I really do feel like I'm wingin' it. When I saw this picture that Liam took, I thought, I really am a mama!

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