Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More Olympics Fun

We made torches for the boys to run with around the yard.

They wanted to use water balloons again so they tried to hit the shed door with them.

Finally, they had to blow through a straw and try to get a cotton ball across the bench.  C loved it, but L Child was a bit too young.  He couldn't figure out how to blow air through the straw.

Here are the medalists with their laurels and torches.  They were also trying to fight bad guys with their torches during the ceremony.  Olympians AND superheroes.  What more could a mama ask for?

Here are the boys showing they can do gymnastics too after watching the men flip around on the horse.

Finally, here are the Olympic cupcakes we made for the party Sunday night.  USA sprinkles on some.  The rings emblems for the other ones (my M&M package only had 5 red ones so some have orange instead).

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Olympics Kick-Off

In order to the introduce the boys to the Olympics and get them excited about Friday, we watched some YouTube videos of different athletes and events yesterday.  The boys loved it!

I decided to have our own Olympics this week in honor of Opening Ceremonies this weekend and school beginning soon.

We had many events this morning before it got too hot.

Event 1: Throwing a water balloon against the target (Elmo).

Event 2: Weight Lifting.
Look at those strong boys!

Event 3: Hurdles

The more I watch this boy run, the more I think he might do track and field one day.  He absolutely loved having to jump during a race.  I think he ran 7 times through the course (back and forth) - smiling the whole way.

Liam preferred no hurdle jumping so he ran like the wind along the course.

Event 4: Long Jump

L didn't agree with our recommendation to jump the other way - onto the mat.  He quickly changed his mind.

C re-built the barrier several times in different ways.  This might have been his favorite.

Finally our Olympians: they made their wreaths and got medals.

Thanks to Mom for her help and her pinterest account!

Special People

Since C was six months old and L was born, they've been going to Mimi and Papa's house.  I've been blessed to have such great people watching my boys.  People who are like grandparents to them.  The other blessing part of this arrangement is the other kids the boys have grown up with in the past 4 years.  In some ways, they are like siblings.  They play hard together and fight sometimes, but love each other a whole lot.  Tate started school a few years ago so his time at Mimi's isn't as much as it used to be.  This fall both my Casen and the other Cason start school so they won't be there as much either.  
It was a special treat when Robbie and I got to take them to the splash park and for pizza on Mimi's day off.  It was a good, fun day.

This is the best picture I got of the four of them.  

And this is a picture of all four of them dancing outside the pizza place.  I'm pretty sure they could beat anybody in a dance-off.

As crazy as my boys are about Tate and Cason, I have just a few pictures of all of them.  I was glad I got some yesterday!

Jacilayne Visits

Jacilayne came home with us Sunday and stayed until Tuesday afternoon.  It was her first time to stay at our house by herself.  We all had a great time!

We visited the zoo when she was here.  The kids rotated between the wagon and the stroller.

Josh paid for it by posing on the gorilla with Liam.  After two visits to the chiropractor, he is pain-free. (I think.)

They watched the cleaning man in the chimp area for a LONG time.  They were enthralled.

Aw, it's hard being the smallest.  (Those two little specks at the top of the ramp are C and J.)

Cars, Motorcycles, and Fire Trucks

There was a local car show a couple of weeks ago.  Mom and I took the boys thinking they would like it.  Man, did they!  Especially Case.

I have a million pictures like this: C in front of a car.

I'm not sure this motorcycle was part of the show.  By this point, we were taking pictures by any vehicle the boys thought was cool.

Kids' Day at Home Depot featured the BACA group where the kids could get tattooed and sit on their motorcycles.  So the boys did that in between building and painting moving vans.

Finally, the firemen were there showing the boys the truck.


It's been a baby month : )  We got to meet Baby Kellen when we got back from vacation.  He was born while we were in Kentucky.

Seeing that this is their third, Jourdan and Steven are relaxed about little ones holding the baby.  L Child appreciated that!  He LOVES holding babies!

Last weekend, we got to go to a shower for little Daydree.  She was born very premature; the last time we saw - she was sooo small!  She is a healthy, growing girl.  What a blessing!
It was so good to see her family, Wes, Sharbee, and Caleb, and everyone from Josh's old work.  Good, fun people.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Liam's Imagination

Today L Child told my mom and me what kind of animal he was: Parts of animals!

He said he had legs like a cheetah so he could run real fast.
He demonstrated.

He said he had a bottom like a rabbit that helped him jump high.
He demonstrated.

He said something about his face, but then he took off running and jumping before he could explain.  I wish I could see the picture in his head that he imagined he was.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Friends Visit

When we got home from vacation, our friends the Brokaws were at our house.  We were hoping to beat them there, but a flat tire slowed us down.  We got to know the Brokaws in Stillwater but haven't seen them in about eight years.  We kept up on Facebook and blogs, but it was really good to talk and catch up in person.  We also got to meet Amber's mom who was traveling with them.  It was nice to visit with her, too.
Here's to great friends!  What a blessed way to end our vacation and begin their vacation!

Finishing Up Nashville

We went to an awesome Aquarium Restaurant for lunch.  The boys were mesmerized.

L Child said he wanted a picture by the big fish.

While Josh napped in the Food Court at the Opry Mills mall, the boys rode a few times on the carousel.  

C loved the spinning teacups on the carousel.  How fun is that!?!

Josh and I thought that the boys pushing each other in the stroller would wear them out, and they would sleep during the  Grand Ole Opry tour.  Obviously, we forgot who are children are.

They did great though on the tour.

We got some swimming in before bedtime.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


We went to the Parthenon in Nashville last month.  It was a replica of the real thing.  

This giant Athena statue scared the boys, especially Case.  He asked if she was going to come to life.  Clash of the Titans is definitely out for him!  (I'm referring to the 1981 film; I fell asleep during the more recent one so I have no idea of there is a giant statue that walks around or not.)

Case refused to go near the statue.  Liam complied but kept one eye on her just in case.

The griffins were less scary.  Fist bumps all around!

The boys dreaming about machines.

The park around the Parthenon was beautiful.  We walked around the lake, and then Josh and I sat down and watched the boys play under the trees.  

All that Greek history and art was okay according to the boys.
The lake with the fountains was cool.
But their favorite of the morning?  

Sitting in a broken car ride outside of Cooter's.
It's the simple things.