Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More Olympics Fun

We made torches for the boys to run with around the yard.

They wanted to use water balloons again so they tried to hit the shed door with them.

Finally, they had to blow through a straw and try to get a cotton ball across the bench.  C loved it, but L Child was a bit too young.  He couldn't figure out how to blow air through the straw.

Here are the medalists with their laurels and torches.  They were also trying to fight bad guys with their torches during the ceremony.  Olympians AND superheroes.  What more could a mama ask for?

Here are the boys showing they can do gymnastics too after watching the men flip around on the horse.

Finally, here are the Olympic cupcakes we made for the party Sunday night.  USA sprinkles on some.  The rings emblems for the other ones (my M&M package only had 5 red ones so some have orange instead).


Amber said...

I love your idea of having Olympics at home! We've always joked about having lab Olympics. You know, fastest pipetter, rolling lab stool races, fastest slide racker, etc. Somehow this idea never took off :)

Amanda said...

i would love to witness that! not run them though (or do the clean up ha)