Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Olympics Kick-Off

In order to the introduce the boys to the Olympics and get them excited about Friday, we watched some YouTube videos of different athletes and events yesterday.  The boys loved it!

I decided to have our own Olympics this week in honor of Opening Ceremonies this weekend and school beginning soon.

We had many events this morning before it got too hot.

Event 1: Throwing a water balloon against the target (Elmo).

Event 2: Weight Lifting.
Look at those strong boys!

Event 3: Hurdles

The more I watch this boy run, the more I think he might do track and field one day.  He absolutely loved having to jump during a race.  I think he ran 7 times through the course (back and forth) - smiling the whole way.

Liam preferred no hurdle jumping so he ran like the wind along the course.

Event 4: Long Jump

L didn't agree with our recommendation to jump the other way - onto the mat.  He quickly changed his mind.

C re-built the barrier several times in different ways.  This might have been his favorite.

Finally our Olympians: they made their wreaths and got medals.

Thanks to Mom for her help and her pinterest account!


Jacqueline said...

What fun! Coolest mom ever!

Tammy said...

How cute!! What a super idea. :)