Tuesday, July 24, 2012


It's been a baby month : )  We got to meet Baby Kellen when we got back from vacation.  He was born while we were in Kentucky.

Seeing that this is their third, Jourdan and Steven are relaxed about little ones holding the baby.  L Child appreciated that!  He LOVES holding babies!

Last weekend, we got to go to a shower for little Daydree.  She was born very premature; the last time we saw - she was sooo small!  She is a healthy, growing girl.  What a blessing!
It was so good to see her family, Wes, Sharbee, and Caleb, and everyone from Josh's old work.  Good, fun people.


Jacqueline said...

the babies are sweet, but we should also discuss your hair. I really like it that way! You look great!

Amanda said...

thanks girl : ) aw, I miss you!