Tuesday, July 17, 2012


We went to the Parthenon in Nashville last month.  It was a replica of the real thing.  

This giant Athena statue scared the boys, especially Case.  He asked if she was going to come to life.  Clash of the Titans is definitely out for him!  (I'm referring to the 1981 film; I fell asleep during the more recent one so I have no idea of there is a giant statue that walks around or not.)

Case refused to go near the statue.  Liam complied but kept one eye on her just in case.

The griffins were less scary.  Fist bumps all around!

The boys dreaming about machines.

The park around the Parthenon was beautiful.  We walked around the lake, and then Josh and I sat down and watched the boys play under the trees.  

All that Greek history and art was okay according to the boys.
The lake with the fountains was cool.
But their favorite of the morning?  

Sitting in a broken car ride outside of Cooter's.
It's the simple things.

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