Saturday, July 07, 2012

Father's Day (Yeah, I'm Behind)

Between work and getting ready for our vacation last month, pictures didn't get posted on my blog.  I know you were sad.

Father's Day began with Daddy reading a book with C.

Super Josh.

Hot Josh.  (habenero salsa)

Blessed Josh.
 Maybe L Child looks sad because his Mama forgot to wipe his face after eating Fruity Pebbles.

Case trying on Daddy's Thunder Shirt.

Liam modeling too.

Man, are these two related?

 We went later in the day to see Bunny and Immie.

Nothing says Happy Father's Day like having to spot your children (and grandchildren) as they launch off the couch.
 Happy Father's Day Dad!  Love you!

(Tonight, Mom and I are actually cooking a Father's Day dinner for all of us.  Between work schedules and vacations, we couldn't do it before now.  So see.  My blog might be a little behind, but it's actually lining up perfectly with the celebration.)

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