Thursday, March 29, 2007

Undergrads All Look Alike

Today I ended up teaching my friend Megan's lab section. We were doing the same lab I had done in the morning with my regular group of students. Well, I step outside of the lab and go down to talk to the instructor in her office then head back to lab. So I walk inside and start looking at the students' set-ups. I start telling this girl what she needs to fix, and she looks at me like, "Who are you to be telling me this?" Then I look up and see another TA in the lab. I think, "Oh, I guess she has a question for me."

And then I realize.

I'm in the wrong lab room. I went to my usual lab room - I was supposed to be next door. I didn't realize because I don't know what Megan's students look like.
I tried to play it off and walked over to the TA like I had a question for her. Then I whisper to her that I got confused in which room I was in because all the undergrads look alike to me.

I needed a good laugh today. Thanks God. Even though it was at myself!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Josh's Birthday Weekend

For Josh's birthday, I got him the season 4 of Scrubs. Then on Saturday, we went down to OKC with Jordan and Kellie. First we went down to Bricktown to eat at Chelino's. Yummy Mexican food. Then after some icecream and driving around, we met up with David and Pam. We went and saw a movie (Prominition). Even though none of us liked the movie, we had a good time visiting and laughing (sometimes at the movie). Of course, we Stillwaterians couldn't leave town without seeing Tulle for a minute.
We had a great weekend.

Finally Got Pictures Developed...

Back in February, I bought a disposable camera because our digital camera was on the fritz. Of course it took a month to use it and then another couple of weeks to get the film developed. Here's some events my blog missed...
(1) Tulle's 1st Birthday party...she's a cutie!
(2) Lauren's personal shower. It was a fun evening full of laughs and stories from lots of beautiful women of God. (One is of me with the bride-to-be Lauren and the other is me with Chancey and Sharbee at Goldie's for dinner.)
(3) Josh and Wes playing at their last night of basketball - the team won the league!
(4) When I babysat Tulle one morning...funtimes! Padme was so sweet with her, but after awhile I think Padme got tired of Tulle hugging her so she sat up on the couch for awhile before she finally retreated to the backyard.
(5) Trey and Lauren's wedding (I already put a couple of pics from that. Here's some more pictures. One is of Matt and Melissa and one of Cassie and me. The others are Josh and me with the groom and bride.)
(6) Tonie came over to eat lunch with us after church on a recent Sunday. We had a good time visiting and she even sang us a song while she played Josh's guitar.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lake With the Dogs

After Josh got off from work (yes, he had to work on his Birthday), we took the dogs to the lake. We hadn't been since last Fall before Padme's surgeries. We walked (and ran some) around the 3-mile perimeter then the dogs went swimming. Padme did really well on her legs (she had two hip surgeries). Newman will retrieve for us - today we used a water bottle. Padme usually will just go after Newman gets the bottle and take it from him. Usually, Padme does her own thing in the lake which involves swimming like a seal. BUT she didn't do that today (the whole reason why I brought the camera), but she was funny with Newman. She was aggressive with him and tried to get him several times. They both were worn out afterwards.

Monday, March 19, 2007

I Love my Niece!

I had a good time with my niece Montana. We played power rangers (yes, those characters are STILL around) and went for a walk. We played basketball and cheerleaders. Most of our games started out with her saying, "Okay, let's pretend we're sisters and...." It was a fun time. I think I have more and more fun as Tana gets older. One of the funniest things Tana said recently was when Sheri was doing her hair and taking a long time. Tana tells her, "Let's stop this cow-milking and move along." Where she came up with that, I have no idea. She says she made it up. That girl!

Make-Up By Tana

So my 5-year-old niece wanted to do my makeup. Last time she did it, it was wild. But this time...well, you can see from the pictures, it was even more! She also did my toenails. I then did her makeup to match mine...we were a sight!

Pregnant Cousin

Josh's cousin Jourdan (or as Tana calls her, JuJu) is having a baby boy in late May. She's a cutie pregnant woman. Tana imitated her JuJu before she got there.

Visiting with Family

There was a lot of people at Josh's mom's. Grammy and Josh's cousin Jourdan and her husband came down as well. We had a good time visiting and catching up!

Josh's Family Bday Party

We went home this weekend down to see Josh's family. We had a really good visit. Since Josh's birthday is later this week, his mom had a party for him on Saturday night. Tana had to help Josh blow out the candles because they were trick candles! She also "read" his cards for him...which were great. I think Hallmark should hire her to write the birthday cards.