Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Top 10 Reasons

So by now, most of you know that Josh and I are expecting a baby in January. If you didn't know, surprise!!!
I came up with a top 10 list of why I've enjoyed pregnancy so far (or at least enjoyed it for these reasons).
1. It's cute that I have a gut. And it's also cute if it shows.
2. It's amazing to hear the heartbeat and think about something growing inside you.
3. I have motivation now to give up caffiene (I actually went about 4 weeks without any).
4. I don't really like chocolate anymore. Wierd. (That likeness is actually coming back now.)
5. For the most part, I crave healthy foods - fruit, milk, yogurt, etc.
6. I sleep a lot and that's okay. I'm not lazy.
7. Everyone always asks how I'm doing and if I just say, "Fine," they prod for more information.
8. I get mail so much more now - all kinds of beautiful cards and packages.
9. I got to visit my parents in Arizona spur of the moment.
10. Josh listens to my constant complaining and just smiles and sympathizes. I'm so spoiled!

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Cubbies

Josh's favorite baseball team is the Chicago Cubs. We got to go to the game on Monday when they played the Marlins. Jordan and Jacqueline being our arch-rivals (they are Cardinal fans) rooted for the Marlins and refused to wear Cubbie gear. The shame. The downtown atmosphere by the stadium is cool - I posted some pictures from the houses around there. On the buildings surrounding the stadium, there are bleachers for people to watch the game from there. In the opening ceremony, during the star-spangled-banner, a bald eagle flew out, circled the field, and landed on the pitcher's mound. Very moving. Then a soldier who had lost his legs in Iraq walked (he had prosthetics) onto the field and threw the opening pitch. It was very moving as well. We were at the very top - there's some pictures from that view. Josh kept stats during the game. I ate a brat which was yummy. Jacqueline and I talked a lot (but I watched the game too!) and she played with her candy wrapper (check out her plastic bowtie). When we were walking down later to go to the bathroom, it was awhile before we realized Jacqueline had the bowtie still on. Always good for attention.
We lost the game but still had a good time. I'm now a Cubbie fan. Everytime I wear my shirt I get comments from some stranger. I tell him I married a Cubbie fan and became one. That way they won't ask me too many questions. Ha!

Playing Games

I decided it was time to continue my postings about our Chicago trip. On Sunday, we got to go to church with Jacqueline and Jordan. We had a nice worship; Jordan led singing and we liked meeting all the Christians there. It was a friendly congregation and it was a good class and sermon.
We girls shopped that afternoon while the boys went and saw Spiderman 3 at the IMAX theater. Jacqueline and I spent I think over an hour in Forever 21 (I bought one shirt) because that place is so huge and had so many cool clothes.
That night we played games and ate watermelon. We played Taboo and Balderdash and Cranium. In Cranium, Jacqeline hummed while I tried to guess the song. Jordan was the puppet master (and Jacqueline the puppet) trying to get Josh to guess the action. Jacqueline is doing some sort of charades I think in the picture above. The watermelon was so good I spilled the juice off the plates down my shorts. Nice.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Going Home to J & J's but First Pizza!

We were pretty tired making our way back home. There's a picture of Josh and me "sleeping" and then one of Jacqueline and Jordan "sleeping" on the trolley. Then there's one of Josh sleeping.
After we got off the train (and I stood by the Ice Ice Baby sign), we went and had REAL Chicago Pizza. It was sooo good! I've never had pizza like it. We had several toppings that are cooked inside the pizza and the sauce has marinara in it I think. It was so cheesy too (like us as well!).

The Magnificent Mile

After the Navy Pier, we went to the Magnificent Mile. It was raining by now so us girls shared the umbrella. We didn't really shop, but it was neat to see all these stores. We did go inside a 5-story Nike store. Who knew? Of course, we went to the Hershey's Bakery. I think Heaven might smell like that place did. After Josh and I bought MORE candy, we shared this huge chocolate cupcake between the four of us. It was soooo rich and yummy! I notice we don't have a picture of that cupcake - apparently, we were too busy eating it! The picture of me stepping on Jordan's flip flop is because I kept doing it all day. You might be asking why Jordan would wear flip flops downtown when it was expected to rain. Hmmm. Maybe he learned rain is good for the feet at that school of his.

Navy Pier Part 2

We had fun at the Navy Pier. Lake Michigan looks like the ocean! All the boats were neat to see, too. It started to rain while we were there so we went inside and wondered around all the stores. Jacqueline had fun pretending to be a pirate.

The Tribune and Navy Pier Entrance

We stopped to look around at The Tribune Store and The Tribune Building. Then we walked to the Navy Pier. We stopped to take pictures near the entrance. As you can tell, we had fun cheesing for the camera. (For those of you who don't know, Josh is a therapist and Jordan is in podiatry school. Hence, the pictures reflect that.)