Sunday, September 28, 2008


Casen is getting quicker and quicker with his crawling.  He can be over in a forbidden area quicker than I can leave to put something in the other room.  His favorite spots today are the tri-fold picture frame (looks like a jungle gym) and the coffee table (where he can pull things off).  He also follows us around the house now which is kinda cute.  If I leave the room, he starts crying and takes off after me.  He's getting more curious and braver about going down the hallway and into rooms.  Josh found him yesterday in the bathroom playing with his baby tub that was on the floor in there.  Though he can entertain himself much easier, he requires a bit more supervision with his fearless ways.  Yesterday, we met Jack and Sheri in Edmond and hung out most of the day at OC.  In my office, Casen pulled up on me then let go.  He stood without any help and without falling for about 3 seconds.  He was all proud of himself.  I think he'll be walking soon.

Casen's Friends

Casen's friends from Daycare are so cute.  Here are some recent favorites:

1.  Every morning, I hear when I get out the car, "Baby Nichols is here!!!"  There are 3 little boys that are waiting at the front storm door watching us walk up the pathway.  As soon as we enter the house until I set Case down (in Ms. Carol's arms or on the floor), they are trying to love on him.  Case of course loves the attention.

2.  One of these little boys bit Casen awhile back.  He didn't break the skin, and he got in big trouble.  Ever since then, he is the most excited to see Case.  I guess he feels a little guilty and wants to be friends with Casen.  One morning, he was so excited that he jumped out of his chair in the kitchen came running into the living room.  At full speed and lots of energy, a 3-yr-old doesn't have the best balance.  He ran smack into a wall, and it laid him out.  All because he wanted to see Baby Nichols! (He was okay; it just hurt at first.)

3.  The little boy that had such unbridled enthusiasm has a 4-yr-old sister who is only there half days.  This past week she "baptized" Casen and the other kids.  (No actual water was involved, the living room floor was the baptistry.)  I work with her grandpa.  I told him about her baptiz'in ways and said, "You can tell she's going to the church of Christ!" (This is also the same girl who told me about golden hamsters awhile back (see prior post)).

I feel so blessed to have a place like Ms. Carol's to take Casen.  He absolutely loves other kids.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Best Casen Moments Lately

1.  Casen exploring.  He sat outside the bathroom and would peek his head around the corner to look inside.  That's as far as he was going though.  For Now.

2.  Casen is developing more attachment to us, especially me.  If I'm working in the kitchen, he follows me around.  When I stand long enough, he pulls up on my legs and holds on to me.  Most times it's cute.  Sometimes after being wallowed on for an hour, I'm glad Josh is home : )  I remember when he was first born.  All I wanted to do was take a 20-minute bath and relax.  I think every time as soon as I got in the tub, Case would start crying to nurse.  Josh would be knocking on the door telling me Case needed me.  That faded after awhile so I know Casen won't always want me to hold him as he does now.  For now, I'll happily take his lov'in.

3.  Casen playing.  He loves to play with Josh.  Casen loves to sit and play with a box (the large diaper one).   He loves to sit by the front storm door and look out.  This morning he sat in his room playing on the floor (mainly pulling books off the shelf).  When Josh went in there to get him dressed, he brushed Josh off.  He wasn't ready to stop playing!  So we let him play longer of course.

4.  Casen going to bed.  And, not because he's down for the night (ok, maybe that reason sometimes too after a LONG day).  Mainly just the process.  Most nights, he's sleepy, but not cranky.  We try to read before he goes to bed.  He loves his Dog Counting book.  Both Josh and me like to sing and rock him.  Usually though, only after a couple of songs, he starts wiggling around.  He's ready to be put down in his bed where he can stretch out and relax and fall asleep.

5.  Casen giving us loves.  When he puts his forehead to my forehead and stares into my eyes.  When he snuggles into my neck.  When he gives us kisses (leans his mouth to our face).

6.  Casen yelling or talking to us.  He's louder when we haven't been paying attention to him.

7.  Casen getting into messes.  So they aren't the most fun to clean up, but he looks so happy and proud of himself when he tips over the dog's water.  Or pulls himself up on the coffee table and pulls off something (usually a remote).  Now we catch him before he reaches it, but he looks so excited as he's crawling to the dog's water.  Like he's on some great adventure.  

I can't believe how quickly he's developing.  A week ago, he wouldn't have been playing in his room on the floor by himself.  It's amazing how his little brain is learning and maturing.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mommy and Me

Here are some pictures of Casen and me. Some are from my first day of class at OC. That is taken in my office with the great windows! The other ones were taken in our front yard because Case and I ended up matching that day! I'm wearing the stylish outfit that April gave me for getting my doctorate. It's great having a friend that works at Ann Taylor Loft!

Crawling Today

7 Months Close-Ups

Close-ups of Casen's sweet little face are my favorite to take.

7 Months!

Case turned 7 months at the end of last month. You can tell from these pictures that he was already sitting up well and liking to stand/sit on the doggie!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Casen is on the MOVE!!!

Casen has been scooting around lately.  He's getting quite good at it.  Tonight, he crawled!  He doesn't crawl very far yet.  He prefers to reach and scoot.  He will crawl if there's something of vital importance (usually something that is NOT a baby toy like my phone) that is just beyond scooting distance.  I'll post pics and a video soon!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Correction: Two Teeth!

I thought Case had just gotten a tooth.  I realized a little later today that he had two!  Both of his bottom teeth came in at the same time.  Apparently, Josh did the same thing when he was a baby except he was much younger.
Maybe I'll get a picture of his teeth.  Right now, he howls if you try to see or touch his teeth.  I guess, he doesn't want anyone to mess with him - sticking fingers into his mouth!

First goes the hair...

I think it was the same night as my "Physicists are wierd" comment (see prior post).  Josh and I were discussing how many scientists as the years go on, kinda let themselves go.  Not in the typical sense that phrase is used.  More in the sense that we become more eccentric - not just in behavior, but also in appearance.  Josh says, "Promise me you won't do've got to keep doing your hair.  That's where it'll stop doing your hair and it'll look all crazy."  Think Einstein.  Then I recalled my hair-look lately.  If I'm in a rush in the morning (which is most mornings thanks to having a baby and commuting), I barely do my hair.  I told Josh in horror that I'm on the verge!  I then told him I needed a Chi straightener to keep me from the dark side.  Josh agreed.  Woo Hoo!

Physicists vs. Chemists

So one night I was telling Josh about my views on physicists.  I said, "They're just a bit odd."  Josh replies, "Well, isn't that the kettle calling it black."  I laughed but defended my stance claiming my experience in grad school, "Yeah, the chemists were strange, but those physicists in the building were even weirder!"  
The next day my new co-worker who is a physicist told me that the chemists in his department scared him and the other physics grad students.  I had to laugh.  I guess we're both crazy, odd nerds!

Ups and Downs

So I think this is the longest I've ever gone without posting on blog...even compared to right after I had Case. I finally posted an old entry because the videos were uploaded at youtube finally. That entry is now two before this one. I'll post some new pictures and videos soon. Our lives are busy busy but good. Here's some ups and downs of the last few weeks or so.

Up: I love my new job at OC. I feel so blessed to have a job I love. I have some great students and co-workers.

Down: Even though I was warned by several professors and expected it, I still am so busy.  The first time teaching any class requires so much preparation. I'm barely ahead of my students.

Up: Case has been doing all kinds of neat things!  He has said "Mama" though I don't think he knows it's just for me like he does for "Dada."  He has started scooting around, pulling up, and likes to "walk" while you hold his hands.  He also got his first tooth today! (Or at least I felt it for the first time.  He hasn't even been fussy lately so I hadn't been checking this week.)

Up: Case has started exploring now.

Down: Case has started exploring now.  (Case can get into stuff now.  Into the dog's water bowl.  Taking things off the coffee table.  All of a sudden he's a bit more work.)

Up: But he's a lot more fun!

Up: Josh (and not me - I HATE it!)  started packing today.  We'll probably put the house up for sale next month.

Down: We've got to start looking for a house, try to sell ours, and pack.

Up: I joined a book club at school which I'm enjoying.

Down: The commute is no fun (especially on Wednesdays when I have to get there early for Book Club!).

Up: All three of us have gotten in the habit for going for at least one walk on the weekend.  Case loves it, and it gives Josh and me a chance to catch up.

That's all I can think of right now.