Sunday, December 27, 2009

Family Shots at Our House

Before we left for the Nichols party, we took some pictures of us. I had to hold Case because he wanted to stand by Josh some more and have MORE pictures taken of him and his Dad. He sure does LOVE his Daddy! Also, I think Case just likes to pose now for the camera.

2 Preggos

Jourdan and I took another picture together - she's about 6 months; I was a night before my due date.

The awful picture of our bellies (Josh took it; I'll blame him ha!) - I had a contraction during that picture. I've been having contractions off and on since yesterday afternoon but nothing yet!

Some Family Shots

During our family pictures, Case stuck his finger up his nose. When he got such a great laugh, he thought he needed to do it every time we took a picture after that. To get a good one, Josh and I held his hands down. Case thought it was hilarious.

Grammy and Some of Her Great-Grands

Before Jaci got there, we got some pics of Grammy with the kids. Kota and Olivia were not there but we did get some good shots of Tana, Jaritt, Casen, and Graeson.

Nichols Christmas

We had a good time last night at Jourdan and Steven's house. They hosted our family Christmas. It was great to be all together. After we opened gifts, we played Dirty Santa. Both Josh and me got good items this year from Dirty Santa: special barbeque sauce and a wool blanket. Very nice.

Roller Skates

Gram got Case a pair for Christmas.

Who said 2-yr-olds can't roller skate?

Well, Case will soon enough. After skating with help from his Daddy, he sat down at his easel to color.

For now, he uses his skates as trains that carry his new crayons from place to place.

Flower Child...or Chem Nerd??

So awhile back I was telling my parents about the new style that has come back. I see the college girls wearing headbands. I think its so cute, but I told my parents I don't think I can pull it off. My dad bought me a headband because they thought I could. Oh, parents are great and optimistic! My sis-in-law told me I really look like a chem nerd with it on. HAHAHA

Mac Christmas

Random Moments from Opening Presents with my parents and Mamaw:
1. Josh loved his Border Patrol hat my dad got him. I'm sure you'll be seeing him wearing it all winter.
2. Josh calls his Wolverine bobble head that Josh got him Daddy and gives it kisses. He thinks it looks like Josh I think.
3. Casen opened gifts by tearing off little tiny bits of paper at at time. Needless to say, he lost interest in between gift opening.
4. Case got an easel that Bunny put together for him.
5. Mamaw fixed Casen a movie bag - full of Dr. Pepper, popcorn, and a movie.
6. I got a new purse and a tote bag for my laptop - yay!