Saturday, February 16, 2013

Button Blessing

The boys were thrilled to hear that we are going to have a baby girl this summer. Liam seemed pleased that it was a girl instead of a boy, and Case said, "I told you it was a girl!"

As we did with the boys, Josh and I are planning on keeping the baby's name a secret until she is born. We gave her a nickname so we won't slip up and use her real name in front of people AND so the boys have something to call her. Button, as we are calling her right now, is healthy and right on schedule in her growth. She is moving around a lot and kicking/punching/whatever babies do inside. What a blessing!

Saturday, February 09, 2013

More Belly Shots

16.5 weeks

17.5 weeks (grew a lot this week)

And for comparison's sake: 17.5 weeks with C (the poor middle child doesn't have another belly shot for a few more weeks)

Baby is moving a lot now and is beginning to have an "awake and active" time. Usually right after my meals (or before, if I haven't eaten in awhile).
We find out the gender hopefully this week! The boys are still usually calling Baby a girl. We shall see!

How to Throw a Flash Party

1. Decorations...ideas from Pinterest....elementary school teacher sis-in-law helps you set up (she knew the best way to hang up a huge piece of paper and added some great ideas on displaying the signs)

2. Have your talented Mama make the cake.

3. Pose the kids.

4. Take a great picture of the birthday boy. Costume is a must.

5. Sing Happy Birthday

6.  Scare the living daylights out of the children by having Lizard Man show up.* 

7. Open gifts and play, play, play!

*This Pinterest idea didn't come with a warning. The kids knew that when the bad guy showed up, they were supposed to get their superhero masks on and shoot silly string at him. Instead, L Child had a panic screaming attack.  C couldn't get his silly string to shoot (Lizard Man kindly showed him how). I think Jaci was scared but knew that she had been told to shoot the silly string; she kept her finger down on the spray and emptied her bottle on Lizard Man in record time. I think poor Graeson got more scared as the attack went on. 
I had to use "think" a lot in my descriptions above because I was on the floor holding Liam trying to convince him that Lizard man was just Daddy dressed up and it was okay. Watch the video on Facebook for the full terrifying effect.

Casen's Best Week Ever

The Monday of Casen's birthday week was the 100th Day of School. The boys made 
monster-with-100-eyes shirts for the occasion. Bunny and Immie helped with the shirts! 
C had a big party at school for the special event!

Mamaw was here on Casen's birthday and got to visit his classroom. He likes for people to meet his teachers and see the classroom.

Then his JJ, Jaci, Mamaw, and Grammy arrived the night before his party. Hurray!

And when it was time for his Flash party, he was EXCITED! He had a ball with all of the family that got to come. Doesn't his face show it?

Friday, February 01, 2013

The Best Way to Take Wild Boys to the Grocery Store at Night

...have them go as superheroes.

I had to get to the grocery store one evening. Not only were we short on food in general, we were out of cereal. And this pregnant lady has got to have her cereal about 3 times a day. I knew that there probably would be a bribe involved when taking two tired boys at night to the store. And I was okay with that. I was thinking maybe a cookie or a coke. Or both. Whatever to ensure the wild boys wouldn't go too wild in Super Target.

We were getting ready to leave, and L Child asked if he could wear his Spiderrman costume (he is pretty much wearing this any time he is home now). I said, "Sure." I was thinking, Whatever you want. Maybe this will make going to the grocery store *fun* at 7 pm. I asked C if he wanted to be Flash. Of course he did.

So we went to Super Target: Mama, Spiderman, and Flash.

And it was the BEST trip to the grocery store EVER. The boys are usually pretty good shoppers. But there's usually warnings given. Reminders given. An occasional lost privilege. But this trip was better than morning trips to the store when the boys aren't grumpy and tired. Better than when there are free samples everywhere. 

Because superheroes are good guys. 
They make good decisions. 
They keep their eyes open for bad guys (Spiderman shot webs at any that passed by). 

Flash talked a bit, but it was all about being a superhero. Spiderman didn't talk much at all. And he would only answer to "Spiderman" or "superhero." Let's just say that Spiderman gets waaaay into character.

Needless to say, I'll be shopping with Spiderman and Flash here on out.

Kickin' It and Gender Thoughts

Baby started kicking strong enough last week for me to feel. This week, there are some VERY active moments for baby. I love this phase of the pregnancy.

The boys still refer to the baby as their sister. Case talks about what he will teach the baby and give the baby on her 4th birthday (train tracks, what else would a 4-year-old girl want?!?). I keep reminding them both that the baby COULD be a boy.
The response?
"I have a brother. I need a sister. So I'm pretty sure it's a girl."

Well, I guess we'll sort it out in another week or so.

Can't wait to check on baby! Be praying for a healthy baby please.