Monday, May 07, 2007

Tana's Weekend Sayings

Here are some funny things Tana my niece said this weekend while we were down for Jessi's graduation:
1. "This is so boring. I never want to graduate." (about 20 minutes into graduation)
2. "Wow! This is the best part!" (during the fireworks display AFTER graduation)
3. "Do I have enough to buy this?" (said many times when Josh and I took her to the mall)
4. "Hey, let's go see the..." (upstairs at Papa's work, the cellar at Mammy's, etc.)
5. "JayJay, you can't ride a bike! It'll hurt the baby." (but instead of saying the baby, she would touch her stomach. Jessi had to let her know what activities don't hurt the baby)
6. "Let's have a dance competition"....(after Josh dances) "Oh, He's going to lose!"