Thursday, October 23, 2008

My New Digs

OC's chemistry labs got renovated, and we finally got to move back in. They are awesome! This is my lab: the Advanced lab and then the research portion is next to it. Josh was helping me open up some boxes while I unpacked. By this time, Casen was asleep. We had had a good day together.

Front Porch

Some pics with Casen from last month.


While we were waiting for the parade to start, Casen enjoyed watching the marching band, dogs, and horses. Casen rode in his stroller for part of the parade while I helped to pass out candy to the kids. Then Case was getting ansy, so Josh put us two on the truck bed while Josh rode next to the Baylor Bear. Case liked seeing everybody - he would smile real big at people. He's so social!
We saw a lot of friends at the parade. Our friends Aaron and Crystal were back from India and were seated on top of the old theater. We got to see our three little friends too: Micah, Marcel, and Alexis. Lots of other people from church were there too.

Early Morning Pre-Parade

Last weekend was the OSU Homecoming. Friday night, the three of us went to Walk Around and met up with some old friends that had mvoed away. It was good to see Angie and Brian and to meet their new son Silas. Then Saturday morning, Josh's work had a float for the Homecoming Parade. The Float said, "Not a Cowboy? Get Therapy!" Then there was Pistol Pete giving therapy to a Baylor Bear. It was an awesome idea (they got 2nd place in their category). Here are some pictures before we started walking/riding. The picture of Josh and friend from work on a porch was taken because Josh was a sweetie: the girl is pregnant and really needed to go to the bathroom. So Josh went with her to the house (some stranger) and asked if she could use the bathroom and then waited for her. What a great guy! He remembered when I had to go to the bathroom ALL the time when I was pregnant!


This day we dressed alike. I know I won't be able to do this very much longer - ha!
Our house is up for sale too now. Hopefully, we can sell it soon!

Our Two Older Nieces

Josh's brother Jeremy and wife Rocky brought the girls up earlier this month. We went to Orange Peel; it was fun to watch Tana and Dakota's reactions when Sugarland came onto stage. They LOVED the concert and felt especially special when they did an encore (I told the girls before the concert that they could keep cheering after they leave the stage and they'll usually will do an encore and come back out). When Sugarland did take the stage again, the girls I think they had caused that one! Which they did partly!
Then Saturday we threw a birthday party for the girls complete with a cake showing each other their Oklahoma University preference.
We had a great time with all 4 of them!