Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Newman's Recovery

We picked Newman up today after his surgery. He's still in some pain, and his Frankenstein-looking leg is shaven with stiches going up his whole thigh. I'm glad the surgery is over, but he can't run or jump for 8 weeks! That is going to be hard for a bird dog! He's either in his kennel or on a leash inside or outside. Right now, he's sleeping a lot though so that's good I guess. Padme is cute; she tries to open the kennel up so Newman can play with her. She's probably lonely during the day.
I'm this bad with our dogs, I'm going to be a nervous wreck when I have kids and they get hurt! haha
Josh is seranading Newman now. Okay not really, but he is practicing his guitar in the living room where Newman's resting.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Music Mania

Friday night, Josh and his dad played their guitars and LaNette and me sang karokee. Josh is getting better and better at the guitar, but I still think my favorite part was when Josh sang "Redneck Woman" on karokee.

Jam session with Dennis and Josh Posted by Picasa

Me and LaNette sing'in it up! Posted by Picasa

Josh "playing" the guitar with his teeth. Posted by Picasa

Josh the guitar player Posted by Picasa

Fun on the Farm

We hung out Saturday morning on the farm and watched the dogs play. Newman was funny with the horse - when the horse started eating the leaves on that bush, so did Newman. He's such a copycat

Go'in after somethin' Posted by Picasa

Newman stares at the horse next door. Posted by Picasa

Newman staring into the eyes of the giant. Posted by Picasa

There you are! Posted by Picasa

Buddy the 3-legged dog - he could keep up with Newman! Posted by Picasa

Farm dogs hanging out...we took Newman and Padme on a walk Saturday morning and all three of these dogs followed us...I'm sure we looked like a dog parade! Posted by Picasa

Relaxing at Sheri and Jack's

We went over to Josh's mom and stepdad's on Saturday. We relaxed, talked, and played games. Oh yeah, and played with Tana - a lot!

Tana and Big Josh playing the guitar Posted by Picasa

Tana, Josh, and Padme Posted by Picasa

Tana and her May May Posted by Picasa

Performing the Yatzee Song and Dance...Notice my mom-in-law gett'in the party started! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Equal Treatment

We wanted to be fair...Newman wore Padme's collar yesterday for a few minutes. I think he liked it. She was jealous and wanted it back on her.

Newman liked wearing Padme's bonnet Posted by Picasa

Newman wearing the bonnet Posted by Picasa

Buddies Posted by Picasa

Friday, May 19, 2006

Padme's Surgery

We got Padme spayed this past she won't mess with her stiches, now she gets to wear an E-Collar, or as I like to call them, a "Bonnet." We have to keep her separated from Newman unless she's being supervised. It has been no picnic for any of us..she's tired of being cooped up. Poor baby.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Padme and her bonnet. Notice she has already chewed on it. Posted by Picasa

Padme eating. Posted by Picasa

Padme herds Newman around with her bonnet. Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 15, 2006

Riding the Deathtrap

Ok, so I'm exagerrating a bit about my ride this morning on the OSU bus. It wasn't a deathtrap..but it was close. First, I got on the wrong bus this morning and ended up riding an extra 45 minutes around town. The driver tells me later that I needed the southbound gray bus...apparently you tell which ones are south/northbound by which direction they're facing in the Wal-Mart parking lot. I think I'll just ask the driver this afternoon when I go home if this is the right bus. I had seen the buses around town and knew that the drivers were pretty aggressive. I had heard stories about the bus drivers. Yet, I was still in shock when the bus maneuvered around railroad crossing bars (true, there was no train moving per say on the track and we needed to stay on schedule, but still). When some car pulled out in front of our bus cutting us off - did our driver slow down? No, apparently OSU buses have right away at all times - like pedestrians. He just sped up and gave the driver a hand signal. Nice. The bus shakes when it's moving. When it's going really fast (which is almost all the time), it shakes like it's about to take off to the moon. But I will say that our driver was nice at least. I guess that's better than having a crazy, mean driver. I can deal with crazy, but not mean. So hopefully I'll find the right bus going home and get there in one piece.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Inappropriate Things/Actions at the Gym

So Josh and I were working out together at the gym today - something we hadn't gotten to do very much this past semester. Here is a list of inappropriate comments to make or uncool actions at the gym...
1) "You're so strong!"(Apparently, this can easily embarrass the recipient in front of all the cool people working out.)
2) "What are we going to do next?" (Even though we have done the same workout for 2 years or so, I keep forgetting the order.)
3) Claim a bench or machine and then go and stretch or talk to someone.
4) Playing numchucks with some rope like you're some karate warrior (yes, I really saw that today).
5) Not having a spotter when you're lifting something really the words of the poor guy, "Oh Crap!" when the bar started to fall on his chest.
6) Not paying attention to where you're going and running into a bar practically taking your eye out (and yes, again, I actually saw this - it was painfully hilarious).
7) Walking to the outdoor pool from the lockerroom in your speedo only...hey nobody wants to see ya like that outside, much less inside!
8) Walking around naked inside the lockerroom - I don't care if it is a lockerroom. I don't want to see a naked old woman!
9) Wearing skimpy clothes, having your hair hanging down, and wearing make-up...enough said.
10) And finally..."How do you work this machine?" (asked while sitting in it backwards)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

W Visits OSU!

So the President came to speak at commencement this weekend. Seeing W was worth it even in the rain and getting up early on a Saturday.

Josh and me in the rain at graduation. I felt dorky in my orange pancho. Josh comforted me by saying, "Nobody looks good in a pancho." Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Posted by Picasa

President Bush flew into Enid, OK on Air Force One and then took a helicopter to campus. Posted by Picasa

Here's President Bush speaking at Graduation. He had a lot of funny one-liners including a reference to Eskimo Joe's Cheese Fries. Posted by Picasa