Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm Such a Girl

On our hike up the mountain, there were these beautiful lizards that would run on their hind legs upright. Very freaky looking, but awesome. I never could get them walking, but I do act like a silly girl!


Monday, we went up to the Wichita Mountains. We found a herd of buffalo by the prairie dogs. There were buffalo babies. The whole herd was pretty loud with their grunting.

Time at Pawpaw and Memaw's

Time with Grammy and Baby Cousins

Grammy, Jourdan, and Jarrett came down for the wedding so we got to see them. Casen was really interested in Jarrett, but Jarrett didn't want to play with him. Jaci did sit and play in the playpen with Case during the wedding reception. Casen is where they were awhile back - wanting to play with other babies!

Bathtime in Mamaw's Sink

Museum Part 2: Outside Exhibit

There were log cabins and a giant train engine outside of the museum that we visited. Inside the log cabin there were two men that acted like they were trying to sell you things - like we were in the pioneer days. Check out Casen's raccoon hat!