Saturday, September 19, 2009

Casen's Top Things at the Zoo

The RRoooaaarrss! (aka the lions). I think this is the same female that will come off the hill to come down and watch the little kids like Case more closely. Today, she was already by the window to get out of the rain. She swiped at anybody who stood by her too long. Look out!
(Oh, and a sidenote because I didn't get a picture of the sealions...everytime I would tell him that was a sealion (as we watched him swim by), Case would roar. Much to the delight of the bystanders.)

Giant bunny statue. Freaky to Mama? Yes.

WAATTEEERR! It rained all morning.

The Big Turtles! (and yes, he can say "turtle" now...he just started saying it; I thought tortoise was too much to ask a 19-month-old)

Freed peacocks walking around. We ran into a few different ones throughout our stay at the zoo. The white peacock came to visit when we were in the Pachyderm House.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Best Email of the Day

Hey Babe,

Case and I just recently got back from our run. He is now watching Pink perform on the Today Show while playing his harmonica. It’s sweet. Earlier he said, “eat more prunes” but it sounded like “eee mwor pru.” Hope today is going well. I hope you got your stuff done this morning. Have a great rest of the morning and afternoon.

Love you lots,

[You have to see Case play his harmonica - it's awesome! His Mamaw bought sent him a harmonica, and he learned how to use it pretty quick. He gets to playing, stomping his foot, and swaying to his music. He can rock it - even a harmonica.]

[And Yes, Case loves prunes. Obviously, we have to limit his intake.]

Mr. Independent

That's what my mom called Case today when I relayed this story to her.

Case wanted to get his shoes on his feet by himself with NO HELP today. He kept throwing fits because he couldn't get the crocks to get on his feet all the way. I tried putting the shoes up, but he didn't forget. I tried to help which threw him into a tantrum even more. Finally, I pulled the back strap towards the front so he could just slip them on. When Case finally got his shoes on (after 30 minutes of trying), he was so happy. Complete joy. He was so proud of himself. Then he walked around the house with his shoes on for about 5 minutes.

Then he pulled his shoes off. I guess those 5 minutes of glory was all he was after.

Good Night Moon

Casen's current favorite book.
He "looks" for the mouse on each page. I say "look" because he has now memorized the spot of the mouse on each page, but pretends to look for it each time. We know this because last time he and Josh read it in the dark (Case wanted the lights out for bed), Case could find the mouse on each page in dark.
He gets so excited whenever he points to the mouse.
I love it!