Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kids in the Lab...Chemists in the Making?

So again, I'm waiting for the dumb XRD instrument to realign. Why not comment on what I saw today in the chemistry building?

I saw a little girl running around on my floor - going in and out of a lab. This is not that unusual in the summertime. Professors and graduate students every once in awhile will have their children with them at the lab. I always wonder what the kids think of our smelly building full of wierd people called chemists. This little girl today was hanging out in a lab full of large analytical instruments (I don't even know that they do) with just her socks on (I guess she had kicked off her shoes). Her grandpa (I'm assuming here) was talking to her about "sensitive data" and what-not. I wondered if she knew what he was talking about. I do think though that hanging out in the chemistry building could be good for that little girl, along with the other kids that spend time up here in the summers. They might view chemistry as something that could be fun and as an attainable career. Every so often, the ACS (American Chemical Society) conducts a survey among elementary, middle school, and high school students to see how they view chemistry as a career. Most of the views usually are either of a mad scientist that blows things up or as a forensic scientist (aka CSI). I would think that hanging out in the chemistry bulding might cause some kids to be chemists in the making. At the very least, they'll have funny memories of chemistry smells and lab equipment.
I look forward to bringing Case up one day to my office and lab. Maybe he's a chemist in the making, too!

More Pictures From Bedlam Weekend

Here are some pictures that Kellie took at Bedlam weekend. The one of the little girl holding Case is Tulle at Wilshire church.

Casen Chewing

Casen chews on everything now. His favorite things to chew on our cloths and your fingers. Monday night at Red Lobster, he was putting on a show for us and Kellie and Jordan. He was chewing on Josh's hand and shaking his head like a puppy would. His little dive-bomb into the hand is typical. He just dives forward if he sees something he wants. He hasn't figured out how to stop himself though yet nor does he quite know that this might be a bit dangerous.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Grad Student Wear

So this week, I'm working more in the lab than I have in awhile. The chapter I'm currently working on required me to do a bit more tests. Right now, I'm actually in the XRD room waiting for the instrument to align itself properly (which takes FOREVER!) so don't think I'm not working : ) I'm multitasking. (aka working as a grad student)

Anyway, when I work in the lab I usually have old clothes on in case I make a mess on myself. I've ruined enough shirts and pants before with acid or rust-colored yttrium iron garnet solution to know old clothes are the way to go in the lab. I do have a white labcoat i wear when I'm working with something that will stain or burn a hole through fabric when I'm wearing "nice clothes." I still feel like I'm playing dress-up when I wear it though. And last time I wore it, I was asked by my advisor why it was so white. I told him I had recently washed it, and he said that you're never suppossed to wash the labcoat. It's a badge of honor to see all the stains on it. I'll need to remember that.

Ok, sorry for going off on a tangent, back to my point: so not only am I dressed in old clothes today, but I'm looking pretty summer-grad-student-like today. I look tired. My hair is pulled back and probably would be best if I had worn a hat today. I need a shower. I have no make-up on nor any jewelry (except my wedding ring). I would take a picture of myself to illustrate, but I think you get the picture (plus, I don't think I have enough guts). In the summer, a lot of grad students do this. You're not teaching so you're not going to be in front of any people. And there's nobody else in the building (no undergrads) except other chemistry grad students and professors. I remember my friend Pam came to visit me the first summer I was working here and she told me she felt so pretty sitting in the hall. Because she was wearing cute clothes and makeup. Oh yeah, and she wasn't talking to herself.

Of course, Casen's daycare now has seen me in full-fledged grad student wear for a week. After today, I think I'm going to look nice tomorrow so they don't think this is getting to be a regular thing. Watch out labmates: I'm break'in out the white lab coat!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bricktown Bedlam Game

These are pictures from Saturday's game against OU - we won!

Hotel Fun

Our hotel was really nice - and it's always fun staying in a hotel! Here's 2 videos. One is one of Casen playing on the floor between the 2 beds. The other one is Josh and Case catching a catnap before church on Sunday. Aren't my two boys precious!!??

The Little Blessings

This past weekend we went down to OKC for two bedlam baseball games. We got to go down with our friends Jordan and Kellie on Saturday, and then we saw our friends Dave, Pam, and Tulle on Sunday. The weekend was our first "just-for-fun" trip with a baby in tow. It was different, not always the most convenient, and not as flexible as it once was when it was just Josh and me. But it was the little things that made the trip special and enjoyable. Having Case along was worth it - I can't imagine life now without him.
1. Casen has gone to 3 other baseball games here in Stillwater and never gets fussy at them. Saturday night's game though was really slow at the beginning so by the 6th inning and with traveling that day, he was getting pretty antsy. So Josh and I decided to head back to the hotel early with Case. Because we called the shuttle to pick us up before the game was over (and all the other hotel guests were out), we got to ride in the VIP Hummer shuttle instead of the minivan. I think Josh was in heaven riding in a fully-loaded hummer.
2. We worried about Case sleeping most of the night. We have moved him to his crib, and it's been wild and unpredictable throughout the night. We warned Jordan and Kellie that the night might not be the most sleep-filled. We didn't think though that Case loves to sleep in his carrier (I think because it is enclosed). He slept until 4:30, ate, and then went right back to sleep until 6:30 or so. Nice. And so appreciated by everybody in the room!
3. Josh and I had the wrong start time for church at Wilshire so we got there 45 minutes early. Also, they have worship first and then class. We had thought about skipping class (I know we're heathens : ) but decided to stay since worship was first (in Josh's words, "Their plan worked!"). It was a blessing to stay. Class was really interesting, and Casen played on the floor in front of Josh and me. That's when Casen start rolling to his side. He was warming up to his first rolling over (to happen the next night!).
4. All 5 of us got to eat lunch with the Jurneys. Lunch was a bit wild with a 2-yr-old and a almost-4-month-old. Pam said it was nice we got to have disconnected conversation. It was nice to be reminded that we have friends who are there in the same place with you and that understand that it's perfectly normal to scarf down your food before the baby wakes up and wants to eat. I told Pam, "I guess it might be like this for the next 18 years." Later I realized that 18 years might be a long time to have our kids acting like babies at the table! haha
5. Then the Strawns and us headed over to the OC student union to relax until it was time to go back to Bricktown for the baseball game. Casen must've been enjoying his time playing on the floor because he did NOT want to get back into his carseat. He cried all the way there (20 minutes) setting a record - he never had lasted that long. Poor baby - he was just tired of not being home and off schedule and being hot. It was too hot for him to be in the stands in the sun (and too hot for me too! : ) so I pushed Casen around in his stroller in the walkway part (where the concessions are located). He slept, ate, and watched all the people. I think we both were having a better time in the cool, breezy walkway. But towards the end of the game, I had been spat up on multiple times and even pooped on (that was fun trying to clean up in the stadium bathroom). Then we ran into our friends Rusty and Chandra and Lillian. They were some friends we made in birthing class, and they had their baby Lillian in the next room to us in the hospital 3 days after Case was born. I will never forget Case interacting with Lillian. I had never seen him even notice another baby (I would think he would being in daycare with them all day). He looked at Lillian, and smiled at her, and started babbling to her. It was so sweet, the little flirt! That had made the rough times of the afternoon worth it.
6. Going home was an adventure. Kellie (especially, thankfully) and I distracted Case in the backseat. Anytime he got going (his heavy breathing starts and his squeals start turning into mad yells), songs would be sung, sweet words said to him, or pictures shown to him. The trip home was a lot nicer than our trip from OC to Bricktown. I realized when we got home how blessed we are to have friends like Jordan and Kellie. They were so flexible and enjoyed our child - even though they aren't used to having a baby around.

So overall, the weekend was fun and full of priceless little blessings.

Mamaw's Visit

Mamaw came to see us two weekends ago, and we had a lot of fun with her. She came with me to pick Case up at daycare. I'll never forget her meeting Casen for the first time - she oohhed and awed at the baby boy. Casen got to spend some special time with Mamaw while I worked some the next two days. They got to spend some time together - Mamaw was an expert rocker! Here's some pictures and videos from Mamaw's time with us.

Faces of Case (via Mamaw's camera)

Showing Affection

It's a great feeling to have your child show affection for you (like when Case pats my face - see prior post). He has started a new thing where if I'm holding him, and Josh starts talking and playing with him, Case will bury his head into my chest and then peek out at Josh smiling. It's so cute! He did the same thing this weekend when somebody came over to talk to him.
He has always been a cuddler, but he's snuggling even more so with you now when you hold him. He buries his face into your shoulder without anypart of his face showing. I don't know how he can breathe in that position, but I can hear him so I know he's comfortable. I've heard his cousin Jaci does that same thing sometimes.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day Picnic

We had a Sonic-catered picnic Sunday afternoon. Then we took a walk around the lake. We had a good time. Casen loves watching the trees blow in the wind. Josh and I got to catch up and talk a lot. And we got to see my favorite at the lake: Geese with their babies.

Baseball Fun

We went to watch the Cowboys blow Texas Tech away Saturday in baseball. Kellie and Jordan were there too so they held Case some too.

3 Months Photos

Here's some sweet pics of my boy a couple of weeks ago.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Precious Moments

1. Case has been sticking both his lips out - like pursing them. It's very funny-looking. I'll try to get a picture of it soon and post it.
2. This morning when I was leaning over Case talking to him, he reached up and touched my face and patted me. Then he put his hands back on his bib and continued playing with his bib. He then patted my face a few more times. I love that he's interacting more and more with people, especially when it seems he's beginning to show affection for Josh and me.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Water Aerobics

Case finally outgrew his hammock in this bathtub so he graduated to just sitting in his little bathtub. At first, he would always curl up in it still. He would stretch his legs out real quick and then pop them back to his chest. Yesterday, he finally got comfortable in his tub. He kicked and kicked. He never laughed or smiled. He was very focused on kicking; he would just check in and look at Mamaw and me sometimes.


Case got tickled the other day because I had the hiccups - warning: they are extremely loud and un-ladylike on the video! They must have been contagious because he got the hiccups too!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

If I Was a Tornado...

Every first Tuesday of the month at 11:30 AM, the tornado sirens go off. This is what I overheard today from a chemist during the siren,
"If I was any self-respecting tornado, I would come down at just this time - 11:30 AM on the first Tuesday of month."
I'm so glad we have no self-respecting tornadoes, or we all would be gonners!