Monday, May 25, 2009

More Graeson and Company Pictures

These are pictures I took when we went and saw Graeson.

Playing with PawPaw

Case on the Farm

MeMaw always takes Case to see the animals at the farm now when we visit. Case loves it! The cats are interesting since we don't have one. The chickens are great - but not those roosters! On Easter, during the egg hunt, one of the roosters got him. He didn't break the skin, and Case was tough, but I'm glad I wasn't there - I would've freaked! This last time we visited, Josh told me to make sure Case stayed away from the rooster. So I'm watching and making sure. All of a sudden Josh comes flying out of the house yelling, "I told you to keep him away from the rooster!" Apparently, I'm a city girl. I thought you only could have one rooster. And I was keeping an eye on that rooster. Case got near ANOTHER rooster - which I thought was just a big chicken. Case was fine, and Josh was too after I explained my city-ideas. Now I know that you CAN have two roosters!
Case loves feeding the horse. He thinks its funny when the horse's mouth tickles his palm.
So glad he has a farm to have fun on!

Email to the Professor...Real or Fake? Part III

I have a D in your class, and I worked my butt off to get a C in there. Having medical reasons made me really behind because I had to miss class so much. Is there anything I can do to still get a C?

My Response:
All the work you missed due to medical reasons were dropped and not counted against you (I dropped the lowest labs and quizzes for every student). If you look at your grades, you failed two exams and got D's on the other two. That is why you have a D in the class. I do not offer any more extra credit work at the end of the semester - it isn't fair to everyone else in class.

What I Wanted to Respond With:
Hey yourself.
Telling me you "worked your butt off" doesn't help your case when I see that you never got a C or higher on an exam.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Case the Prodigy

Here's Case playing the piano at PawPaw and Memaw's.

The Neighborhood Fair

Josh took Case to the fair near us. He had a great time - petting animals including the 4-horned ram AND he got to ride a pony!

Stillwater Friends

We had some friends from Stillwater drop by on Mother's Day. We were going to go to the Bedlam Baseball game together, but I was sick. Josh took his cousin's husband instead. Jason and Melissa stopped by first though so I could see their little baby girl Soriah. She's so cute!

The Dog Park

Last week, we decided to take Newman to the dog park. Padme didn't get to go ) : She hated the dog park in Arizona - we had to take her out of it before she tried to eat some poor dog. Since I was feeling decent, we went to lunch first. Case loves chips and queso! Then we went to Petsmart. Newman was wild in there. Case loves the pet store - seeing the fish and birds especially. We had to leave when Newman decided to mark his territory in the store.
The dog park was great! The brown dog Sierra tried to play with Newman, but he wasn't interested. He mainly just ran around and swam on his own. The black wolf dog was named Dakotah. Dakotah was the police-dog-he thinks its his job to make sure all dogs behave in the park. Some dog came over and was messing with Newman right when we got there. Dakotah came right over and put a stop to the picking on Newman. Then later on, Newman was getting wound up and running around crazy. Dakotah came over and got onto him to calm down. It was so funny. Sierra's mommy said that Dakotah comes to the park everyday and enforces the rules of the park. Nice.