Monday, May 11, 2009

Things Case Loves....

I felt like I needed a list to balance out the last list : )

1. Dogs. Pictures of dogs. Actual dogs. Dogs on TV. Hearing Dogs. Dogs are the best.

2. Wait, dogs aren't the best. Daddy is the best! Seeing Daddy coming home through the front storm door, Case goes wild. He starts yelling and banging on the door.

3. Waking Daddy or Mommy up. You ask him if he wants to wake Daddy/Mommy up. He whispers, "Momma/Daddy?" Then he is so excited to go into the room and squeal for joy.

4. Music. TV. Toys. Mommy's ITouch hooked into speakers. Anything that has some rhythm so he can dance.

5. Books. He likes to be read to. He likes to "read" to himself (he actually turns the pages and talks to himself - can you tell I'm a proud Mama??!!). He likes to carry around books. Right now, there's probably 20 books in our living room that he carried in here.

6. Loud toys. Anything that makes noise is a great way to get Mama's attention.

7. Pictures. Pictures people send us. He looks at Immie and Bunny's photo books quite a lot.

8. Phone. He talks on the phone now. He'll talk to someone, but he'll also just pretend to talk to someone. He walks around the house with the phone to his ear and babbles and every once in awhile says, "Ummm...."

9. Food. That boy's appetite is back full force now that he's well.

10. Outside. Walking around. Sitting out there. Picking dandelions. Bird-watching then scaring the birds away by yelling, "Dog!" Whatever the activity, being outside is preferred.


Mom aka Kimberly said...

Oh, we can't wait till July so we can see him in action!

April said...

I especially like that he LOVES music...he must get it from his Aunt April! Ha!

kellie said...

sooo cute. We miss you guys!! Every time you send me pics of Casen, or when Jordan sees over my shoulder while I'm looking at your blog, he (Jordan) says "I miss that guy; he's cool; we should get one of those" :) So ... Case has really raised the coolness bar for our kids!