Friday, May 22, 2009

The Dog Park

Last week, we decided to take Newman to the dog park. Padme didn't get to go ) : She hated the dog park in Arizona - we had to take her out of it before she tried to eat some poor dog. Since I was feeling decent, we went to lunch first. Case loves chips and queso! Then we went to Petsmart. Newman was wild in there. Case loves the pet store - seeing the fish and birds especially. We had to leave when Newman decided to mark his territory in the store.
The dog park was great! The brown dog Sierra tried to play with Newman, but he wasn't interested. He mainly just ran around and swam on his own. The black wolf dog was named Dakotah. Dakotah was the police-dog-he thinks its his job to make sure all dogs behave in the park. Some dog came over and was messing with Newman right when we got there. Dakotah came right over and put a stop to the picking on Newman. Then later on, Newman was getting wound up and running around crazy. Dakotah came over and got onto him to calm down. It was so funny. Sierra's mommy said that Dakotah comes to the park everyday and enforces the rules of the park. Nice.


Mom aka Kimberly said...

For a moment there, when I saw that huge wolf type dog - I thought Padfoot got in the dog park! : )
Newman looks like he had a ball - too bad Padma doesn't like dog parks, maybe in time.

April said...

Newman looks so happy!

Amanda said...

yeah padfoot looks like a werewolf!