Monday, July 09, 2012

The Vacation Starts When You Get in the Car

I stole that from Josh.  I guess that was our motto for our first long road trip vacation with the boys.  They did great traveling about two thousand miles in the car.  Yes that's right.  2, 000 miles.

I made little theme bags for the trip.  For example, one bag might have a superhero book with superheroes to play with inside.  I used all their own toys and books for these bags.  I made a bag of toys to take inside wherever we were staying the night.  They had some wrapped new toys from Mom and me as well.

Right when we left....

We stopped and had a picnic both days we were traveling to Kentucky.  The boys ran around A LOT which was good for everybody.

We even found a random park in some town in Tennesee to picnic at the second day.

I took lots of pictures like these.  I forgot how much I love trees once we got further east.  The boys were impressed with all the trees we saw in Arkansas.  They were REALLY impressed with the tall trees we saw once we got into Tennessee and Kentucky.

After eight days of traveling, this only happened twice.

And this happened once.

I had to document it as proof.

Some of the best entertainment is stickers!

Thankfully, we had a good time traveling all together in the car.

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