Thursday, August 09, 2012

Casen's First Day of School

Last semester when we visited Casen's school, I about cried watching him in the classroom.  When did my baby become a big boy?  Big enough to go to school?

Throughout the summer, the thought of him starting school would enter my mind, and I would tear up and about have a crying fit.  It's scary letting him go to school.  Even though he's gone to daycare since he was a baby, we knew our caregivers.  He got to play and have fun at Mimi's.  School is different.

There would be more rules.  A new teacher I don't really know.  Other kids that might not always be nice.  I wondered if C was ready.

But Case was ready.  I needed to get ready too.

Case was excited about the new things he would learn.  He was excited about going to school and getting to play and be around new people.  The week before school, he would exclaim, "How many more days til school?!?  I'm sooo excited!"

We visited the day before school started.  We met his teacher, and he got to see his classroom.  Here is Daddy and Casen in his classroom.

Casen was excited the day he woke up for school.  We played basketball and tried to stay busy in the morning since he was ready to go to school now!
This is him on the floor after L Child tackled him (yeah, L Child tackles during basketball...are you surprised?).

Mom got some great ideas from Pinterest for the First Day of School so she made these signs for the boys to lay on to get pictures.

Liam couldn't be left out.

Casen (in his cute little uniform) is ultra-excited!  L Child is apprehensive.

Casen's teacher is a pro.  She had everybody line up outside her door.  When it was time, she opened her door.  One at a time, children went up to the door to receive directions.  She showed them how to hang their backpacks on the cart.  She got a nametag on them.  She gave them a colored flower which tells the child where to sit when they go inside the classroom.  No parents were allowed to go inside.  She didn't say that, but it was clear that it was time to say good-bye at the door.  It was such a smooth transition.  None of the kids were crying.  The parents were the ones who had to relunctantly leave while the children were eager to go inside the classroom.  I felt good when we left.

It was nice to pick C up and hear about his day.  He doesn't talk too much about it, but tells you the highlights: getting to be the leader, getting a treat, getting to play with the beans (this must be the coveted activity whatever it is because at Open House some other kid requested to play it).

The second day was tougher.  I cried when I dropped him off.  Liam was really missing him by the second day.  He kept asking who was going to sit in Casen's carseat now.  We both went home and napped and felt better when we woke up.

This week has been easier.  I think we all know that C really does like school (it's not just a hope).  Liam seems to be coming out of his shell even more so: being Mr. Comedian and talking more.  That's a nice blessing to witness.

So overall C starting school hasn't been too bad.

But don't get me thinking about when L Child starts school.


Jacqueline said...

That's tough stuff mama! {hugs} and prayers to you! Glad that he's doing so well, though!

Jacqueline said...

or I should say... prayers FOR you.
I love you, but I don't exactly pray to you.
Unnecessary correction, perhaps, but I guess I'm feeling commenty. ;)
Love you!