Monday, August 20, 2012

Lake Pics

Casen and Josh got up early and went down to the dock to fish. The rest of us got up and walked down to the dock to join them later in the morning. 

Casen showing Baby Jaylee a worm.

Liam fished a little bit.

C can cast quite the line.  He's better than me. Which really doesn't speak to his ability. But I was impressed with his ability and interest in fishing.  He was really proud of himself - he ended up catching 6 fish!

This is what L Child preferred to do. After trying the fishing thing for about 5 minutes, he went and sat with the Lairs.  He would rather talk sports.  That kid is a mini-Josh.

After Brian and I made pancakes and sausage, we went swimming.

These pictures warm my heart.  Dads not only lovin' their kids, but surrounded by others.

After a yummy dinner at the Albrights, Trey took us all out on the boat.

After the kids fell asleep, we played some Balderdash.  Funtimes. As always.

We got to worship with the Madill family and then back to home.  We love seeing the Trey and Lauren and Layne - we usually see them once a year.  It was an added bonus to bring the Brian, Tara, and Jaylee too this time.

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