Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Soreness, Reading, and Sleeping

This is what the last 24 hours or so have consisted.

Soreness: Is this how women who have c-sections feel? Like you did fifty million crunches? If you have had a c-section and your gall bladder removed, please tell me. Is it the same pain? If c-sections hurt worse, my deepest sympathies!!

Thankfully, as soon as I got to eat a meal and sleep a little yesterday, my nausea passed. I've heard some people's nausea is awful. I hate nausea. But what person doesn't?

Reading: I've gotten to read A LOT.  It helps me to rest, recover, and pass the time.  I was hoping I would read a lot this week because I got a whole slew of books from the library this past weekend. My friend Pam just dropped two more off for me, too.  Reading is making up for all this soreness.

Sleeping: I've done a lot of this due to the anesthesia and pain pills I'm on. After being back at work for two weeks, I was missing my afternoon naps. I guess getting to nap is another positive of the surgery.

I ended up having the surgery someplace different than where I've delivered L Child and had two other procedures done. This is because I have doctors in different hospital networks. In the future, I probably will try to stick with the hospital I've always gone to before this one. The place I had the surgery was very crowded and loud, ran late, and didn't have very sympathetic nurses. When I about fainted yesterday after my surgery, Josh had to tell the nurse to catch me please (he was across the room while she was right behind me helping me to the bathroom). The nurse seemed annoyed by my fainting spell. (Going over 12 hours without eating wasn't working for my hypoglycemia.) At least though the nurses were quick about getting me pain medicines and anti-nausea medicine.

Despite the experience at the hospital, I am thankful that I got to have this surgery, especially before classes begin. After months of feeling bad, I'm sooo ready to feel energized, pain-free, and well again.

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