Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Projects

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the trees by the science building have changed a beautiful shade of red. I had the bright idea then for the boys and I to take a Fall Walk. We would collect pretty fall leaves. I had grand thoughts about making some pretty fall leaf cards for people.

Then we actually starting walking and looking around. None of the leaves had changed in our neighborhood. The boys just found dead brown ones. Liam kept scooping dead leaf clumps into his bucket.
It wasn't the Fall Project I had in mind.

At least we enjoyed the walk that morning.

Today, C and I worked on a new fall project: decorating ourselves in stickers. Hey, they're Halloween stickers so it counts as a Fall Project.

Then we got really crafty:
After Liam woke up, we made a giant Halloween mural with some old computer print paper I found in the chem lab.

Maybe one day we'll make pretty fall leaf cards. In the meantime, never fear. This workin' mama brings home old stuff from lab for crafts.

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