Saturday, March 19, 2011

Top Reasons to Travel With Pam

I got to play Nanny for about 36 hours over Spring Break. My friend Pam needed to go to a conference, but she's still on maternity her company flew her and Baby Talla and a "nanny" to Phoenix.

1. Sweet little Talla had just begun laughing so it was fun to try to get her to laugh.

Of course, I'm pretty sure she just thought most of the time, Who is this crazy lady traveling with Mom and me?

2. Our rental car was a Michael Weston Dodge Charger. Red.

3. Talla was the best traveling baby I've been around. She usually was happy (see picture) or sleeping (see picture) the whole time. Most of the time that Talla was stuck with April and me, Talla was sleeping. Easy job.

4. Yummy authentic Mexican food. Mmmm Albierto's!

5. Nice digs. Nice view.

6. I got to see my best friend April. Talk. Book browsing at the library. Starbucks. And our funny antics in the hotel. We kept telling Talla that we were hilarious. Not sure she agreed.

7. Did I mention the great Mexican food?

8. Good times with Pam. Good talks. Good laughs. Oh, and there's nothing that bonds you closer than almost missing your flight...riding the shuttle a few times back and forth between the rental car place and the airport...and running through the airport praying that the airplane waits for you. As Pam texted me the day after we returned, "I think God stopped time for us."

Here's to friendship!

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