Saturday, March 12, 2011

Beware: I'm a Soccer Mom Now....

...and there's a lot of pictures here. Believe it or not, I didn't post all the pictures I have.

I never really liked sports much growing up. I played half a season of basketball in 4th grade, and that was it. My poor dad - he got his sports fix by going to watch my brother and I play in the band at the football games.

I've grown to like sports more - watching and playing though I'm not much at playing. Sometime I'll have to share the story about when Josh and I decided to play catch. (And we never played catch again.)

Anyway, I digress. I've been excited about my kids playing sports after hearing all the fun Josh had playing sports his whole life. Case was old enough to start soccer this year so we enrolled him. I wasn't sure how it would go: we had a slow start. Casen wasn't a fan of interacting with his team at the first practice. He ended up playing by himself the whole time. Then the next game and practice got cancelled due to bad weather. Today, was his first game then. And he did awesome! And to put "awesome" into context:

As his coach told me earlier in the year, "Soccer with 3-yr-olds is like herding cats. We just try to get them to kick the ball in the right direction."

So true.

Case stayed out on the field. With constant reminders. After every play, he would run towards us and ask, "Can I have a snack now?" He had seen the snacks for the end of the game. He acts like he never gets a capri sun and goldfish. We would tell him, "After the game -go find your coach!" Then he would run off smiling.

He ran after the ball. With a smile on his face. And by himself. Big deal for a 3-yr-old.

He got a few kicks in - even with the ringer girl that the other team had. I'm pretty sure that girl was nine and twice the size of Casen. And she knew how to run and kick the ball into the goal.

While all of this was going on, Liam was trying to get on the field to play himself or steal some other person's drink/snack/ball. He had a blast!

Both boys had lots of fun and were worn out. Early bedtime tonight!

Pretty sure my favorite moment from today was watching C run with the kids with a huge smile on his face.

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Mom aka Kimberly said...

It was great to see Casen playing and having such a great time. I do think you are going to have a difficult time keeping Liam off a team till he is 3 - he was ready join his brother on the field!