Sunday, October 17, 2010

Liam's Eating Surprises

From the time he was born and smiled up at me, Liam has been surprising me. Being so different from his big brother Case when it came to nursing, I thought that Liam would love solid food. Not so much.

Liam's gag reflex is strong - so much so - he scared his Wednesday night bible class teacher when she gave him cheerios.

He can now "eat" cheerios and yogurt melts. I say "eat" because he likes to suck on them and usually will spit them out before they make it to the back of his mouth.

We did discover that he loves apples! He likes to eat them with Case - even granny smith ones.
Though he loves his bottle, he can use a cup pretty well.

I included the picture of his Look in the high chair. This is one of many of his faces when we try to feed him solid food. He seems to be saying, "Are you kidding me? Where's my bottle??!!"

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