Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Dear Second-Born

Dear Liam,

Even though things are different for you than they were for Case, not all of the differences are bad. You my child get to eat sugary, fatty yumminess earlier than your brother. Last weekend, you got to have cheeto puffs at your Mamaw's house. Which you of course loved. And here and there, you've been caught with Casen's cup chugging coke or juice down. We are getting more vigilant about not leaving cups down now due to your quick crawls! And finally, you got a sucker at the Trunk or Treat and had it for a little while. And now you know what real apple-flavored sugar tastes like. Pretty good stuff, ain't it?

So see. We do love you as much as the first. You got sugar earlier.

Love you L Child,
Your Mama

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Jacqueline said...

ha. three weeks into it, i already find so much truth in this concept.=)