Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Last month, we were up at the hospital in the maternity ward quite a lot. First, some good friends of ours had their first baby. We all adored Jaylee, and the boys enjoyed seeing the baby.
Liam was quite excited to see Tara again - can you tell?

Some other good friends of ours from Stillwater got sent to the same hospital when she went into pre-term labor. It was the same weekend that Jaylee was born. After 44 days of hospital bed rest, Sharbee and Wes had little baby girl Daydree. She was only 29 weeks and 2 lbs, but she is doing well. Last week, Josh and I got to visit little Daydree (no pictures yet). I was amazed by the NICU and all that our modern medicine can do. Be praying for our friends as they wait for Daydree to keep growing until they can take her home.

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