Monday, September 09, 2013

Why I Take a Bajillion Pictures

Some days I need to be reminded of my blessings. 


It's nice to look back at the last week and remember it's not all bad.

Even when I have to work a holiday and the guys get to go play at the zoo.

At least I have a job that I almost always love. That's more than a lot of people have.

Even on days when my pchem derivations in lecture end up showing that 100% efficiency equals 0% efficiency (curse you Carnot Cycle!).

This is how my brain feels most of the time by the way:

Admist bad news, fussy babies (I'm counting my 2 big boys too), and my ever-hungry, sore post-baby-#3-body, I've gotten to laugh


and enjoy family and friends. (Yes, that's my dad spinning my mom at the park.)

Okay so I sometimes wanted to sit in a corner with my favorite food too, Haddie.

And I kinda did. 

Of course, while I'm taking a bite of my HUGE Charleston Chew at school, I ran into two other professors. I managed to say with a full mouth of chocolate-nougat goodness as they walked by, "I promise I'm just having a bite. I'm not eating the whole thing in one setting!"

The other reason why I take a bajillion pictures is because I can't believe that God let me have three beautiful children.

It's awe-inspiring.

And I have to remember how much they love each other. 

Even on days when biting (yes, biting is making another round through the house) and angry words among the boys make me question that.

Deep down I'm pretty sure they love each other.

Finally, I take a bajillion pictures so my kids will take pictures, too. Nothing brings a laugh like these beauties:


And mother-daughter talks.

All caught on camera. Gotta have those memories!

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