Sunday, September 01, 2013

Fussy Baby Day

Yesterday was probably Haddie's fussiest day. She was kinda fussy while we went shopping with Immie. 

Throughout the day, we tried different things. Holding, rocking, laying on the floor, swinging, wearing a OSU sticker...some things helped, some thing didn't.

Josh and I don't know what brought on the fussiness. Pretty sure she was overtired - she didn't sleep well the night before and wouldn't nap the whole day. 

By this morning when our fussy baby was still here, we started wondering other things are at work. Teething? Ready for rice cereal? Compared to the boys, she is really young for those reasons.

Whatever the reasons, as you can see, she had her happy moments. And what worked best was just having some Mama or Daddy time AND going to church this morning. She slept like a rock during worship and most of class and wasn't as fussy this afternoon.

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