Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Gush (or Two) About Button

The following is mainly so I will remember this fun stage with Button. I'm warning you; you probably shouldn't read. It's braggy/annoying mom times twelve.

Button got her third tooth (one of her top front ones) yesterday. She also said, "Bubba" and "JJ" this weekend, too. I think she said, "Bubba" because he fried up some pork chops that she devoured. She's my little meat eater - just like her brothers. I was about to joke that she'll never eat vegetarian, but I was the same way growing up. I think I enlisted my brother into a mutiny the time my mom tried a new recipe that had no meat. After that one time, I would ask Mom, "Are we having meat tonight?" My love of high protein faded, and I enjoy vegetarian meals now. So see, there's hope for Button too.

Button has said "Mama" from time to time I think. She only does it if she's mad and wants me to do something - like pick her up. It's so infrequent and quick, I'm not sure if she is really saying it. This weekend I promise she said her own name. Uncle Jar was holding her, playing saying, "Haddie!" She said plain-as-day, "Ha-ddie." Both Jar and I looked at each other and said, "Did she just say, 'Haddie'?!?!"

Things I love about Button:

the way she lifts her arms up now so you'll pick her up

her hugs and kisses

the looks she gives - the attitude ones she gives the men in her life are hilarious. And probably a preview of things to come.

her scooting ability. She's very, very sneaky. You think, there's no way she can reach that _____. Next thing you know, she's holding it.

her eating ability. Unlike her brothers at this age, she loves solid food and can pick up little pieces and feed herself. Kinda.

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