Monday, April 06, 2009

Multi-tasking and Hunger

After writing my last post, I had two observations:

1. I am a major multi-tasker. I think some of it comes from being a woman (sorry men!); women are usually just good at multi-tasking, and multi-tasking well. Part of the reason why I multi-task is due to the fact that I get easily bored and want to use my time wisely so I try to kill two birds with one stone. I also am learning not to multi-task when it comes to spending time with family. It's okay for me not to check email while I'm playing with Case. As I have said, I think I'm a big multi-tasker, but I am nothing compared to my students. I think with the technology advances, people are becoming more and more used to multi-tasking. I didn't have email until the summer after I graduated high school. The students I have now probably weren't even in junior high and were emailing people. They are used to being on the computer constantly and on the phone. It's no big deal to them to multi-task: taking notes while chatting while texting while writing a paper. Of course, most of us professors would argue that they aren't doing their job well if they are doing all that. But I think some of them can multi-task like that - and do their jobs effectively. Can it be rude though? Definitely. But I also like how one professor described it, "I saw one of my students emailing and taking notes during a presentation once...and he did it well - asked good questions after the presentation. I couldn't believe it! So I figure that I just need to step my game up a bit if I want them to pay attention to me while I'm lecturing." Even if you don't agree with that statement, there is some merit in it with this generation of students.

2. My other observation has nothing to do with my prior thought except that it occurred to me while I wrote the last post. Case is hungry all the time! Josh was worried he was just wanting to eat all the time at our house - that he's not really hungry. Josh asked our babysitter if he wants to eat all the time at her house. She replies with a dramatic nod of her head, "Yep - he continually goes to my cabinets and fridge and yells, 'Na!' "
I was initially relieved that he's not just eating at our house.
Then I was slightly embarrassed that my son was yelling and banging on things so he can have more food! Ha!
Case is quite the moocher though. He sees somebody eating, and he wants some of the food. Last night, our little friend Tulle who is 3 got a kick out of feeding Case. I think she was playing Mommy. Case of course loved it because he was fed continually.

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Mom aka Kimberly said...

1) about multi-tasking - I think it has bitten me too. Every since we have been over here (in Ajo), I find myself watching t.v., texting and playing solitaire on my I-Pod.

2) when you and Jordan were little I remember asking the doctor about you guys eating so much and I also remember asking the opposite - it seemed you were not eating at all at times - he would patiently remind me... they will eat when they are hungry and won't when they are not - don't worry about it!