Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy Birthday L Child

When I was carrying you in my womb, Liam, I was pretty sure I would love you as much as I loved your brother when he was born.  
Pretty sure. 
I already loved you, but I wondered if it would be the same feeling it was when I had C.

It was. The love I had in my heart multiplied when you were born. 
I couldn't believe that I got to have two sons.

With a two-year-old and a newborn, I was pretty tired. I have to confess: the first year or so of your life, L Child, is a blur. Yet, there's a few things that I remember quite vividly:

Even during your colic months, you still would smile. You were one smiley newborn!

You and I would take a morning nap together on the couch every day of my maternity leave. When I went back to work, we continued the traditions many times on Saturdays. Cuddle time must have stuck with you because you still take out time to just come sit or lay next to me. I know that will change as you get older, but hopefully you will still take time out to talk to me - even when life is busy.

I remember when you found your Daddy's voice in the hospital and looked at him. Hours after you were born, you held your head up to stare at your twin (Daddy).


You are your Daddy's son. Not just in looks but in your ability to make others laugh. You have that gift of knowing how far you can take something in order to make others laugh but not get into trouble (well, or too much trouble).

I think C and you have loved each other since the time you were born. C was so young when you were born, there wasn't much jealousy. He couldn't remember life without you. I enjoy watching you two play, laugh, and scheme together. I hope that you two are always close friends.


 I worried about you adjusting when Button was born. When I was pregnant with her, it didn't seem like you were too keen on the idea of a baby in the house.

I think it was love at first sight when you got to hold your baby sister for the first time.

And your adjustment to a baby in the house was a breeze. 

Time is passing too quickly, L Child. I can't believe you are already four, my middle child. 
Happy Birthday!

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