Thursday, January 10, 2013

Birthday Gift

I got to hear the baby's heartbeat for my birthday so I figured it was time to blog...

The boys love babies. Especially girl babies. So I was surprised by L Child's reaction when we told them we were having a baby: "I don't want a baby!" And he ran off.

A few days later, L Child was wrestling around with me, but I told him to be careful because he was hurting my stomach. He quipped, "Why? Because you have a baby in there?" And ran off. Again.

Thankfully, he is warming up to the idea now.

Casen was excited from the moment we told him and sure we are having a girl. He has already enlisted Immie in making headbands for the baby sister.

C ignores for the most part that the baby might be a baby brother. I guess we'll cross that bridge when we find out for sure.

Last semester was a blur with all the nausea and sleeping so I have plans to blog about an interesting book I just finished, some fun Christmas pics, our awesome trip to Colorado, and the great gifts my kids got me today. But for now, some lab safety quizzes are calling my name to grade.


Jason and Erin said...


Jason and Erin said...


Stacia Hamidi said...

Yea! for hearing heartbeats and C's wish for a girl! how cute! I am praying hard for your health and for a healthy, full-term baby!

Amanda said...

thanks guys! appreciate the prayers : )