Friday, July 30, 2010

Pet Alligator

Casen and his wild imagination has been seeing alligators everywhere at home. He picks a baby alligator up and will bring it over to me.

Casen: Look! Aw, a baby alligator!

Me: Oh! That's kind of scary!

Casen: Pet it. (puts his hand with the imaginary alligator towards my face)

Me: No thank you.

Casen: Pet it! (with a wild grin on his face.)

Me: Won't it bite me?

Casen: Pet it! Pet it! Pet it! (with a wicked grin and his hand with the alligator going towards my face).

I cave and pet the alligator which bites me. Casen runs off laughing. Crazy kid.

Okay, and maybe I deserve it if I'm egging it all on now - but its so funny!


April said...

Ha ha! Funny boy! I love it!

April said...

By the way, Casen is looking more and more like a kid and not a baby...I don't know how I feel about that!

Mom aka Kimberly said...

He has quite the imagination doesn't he? I don't blame you for egging it on - he is so cute!

kellie said...

I LOVE the first picture ... he is such a doll! ... and hilarious :)